Rhinoplasty Appointment Booked! Nov 8th - Glendale, CA

Hi guys! I'm out of state and I just booked my...

Hi guys! I'm out of state and I just booked my Rhinoplasty appointment for November 7th! So far it's all I can think about! Never gotten a surgery before, only stitches because of my mini accident i had with my nose. I've seen such good reviews and made my choice to see him after so many years. Anyone else going around that time? Tips for my stay would be lovely also! Especially for being there for a week!

Thanks! :)

Before, and desired pictures

So here's some pictures that I'll be showing him. I want my nose to be really feminine. I really hope he can get it to something similar like that. My nose really sucks so I'm reallyyyyy hoping it'll look good after :( I'm so insecure about it I hate it when people look at me from my side profile. What do you guys think? Anyone on here who knows he might be able to accomplish it that has already seen him? Pictures emailed to me would also be so nice!! Thank you. :)

More desired pictures that didn't get posted.

Once again I'd loveeee feed back!! Especially from patients that have already seen him. Thank you :)

One month & 10 Days

Hi guys! just checking in! So I'm still so nervous and excited for this Rhinoplasty! It's been my dream to be able to get this done and to know that there is a little over a month till I'm in cali Nov 4th is insane! I've thought so much about all of this the past few months and at times where I tried to talk to myself out of it but there's no way! I'm really happy that I'm going with Dr. Grigoryants but I'm so worried at the same time. I really hope I don't end up being that handful of people who ended up unhappy. I'm really hoping what I'm asking for isn't too much and that everything goes well. This is a crazy experience that I've never dealt with & I'm hoping I take this emotional roller coaster well. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions! We have a wonderful supporting community and I'm so happy about that! Until then - shopping for all the supplies I need will start October!! Soo anxious! I will try my hardest to keep all of you updated once the time comes!

Official Wish Pics

So I originally wanted a nose similar to Angie's but I've came to realization that a nose like that would not fit me very well. I do have a slimmer and longer face. As cute as her nose is I don't think it's suited for me. I'm really glad I had time to be able to think about what I really want because I don't wanna end up regretting what I showed to Dr. G.

I'm also so worried about my nose being wider. It is my worst fear at this point really, but hopefully during the moment I will realize that it is swollen and it'll go down. I'm going to be very specific about that when I see him. Did anyone else bring this up to him? Some advice would be so helpful!

I'm going to write all my questions and requests down just so I don't forget when the moment comes.


Finally went shopping! It's crazy that the date is getting closer! I will be grocery shopping once I arrive in Cali so I don't have to leave anywhere. Please leave any tips or advice you may have that could help! Thank you :)
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