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About two years ago I went through a primary...

About two years ago I went through a primary rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum and make what I thought were minor cosmetic changes. I ended up with a nose VERY different than what I imagined. It took me two years to start meeting with doctors again to even reconsider surgery. As a lot of people discuss on the boards, especially with revision procedures, it's very emotional, and scary. I saw a lot of doctors in Los Angeles and New York. I was even contemplating a non-surgical treatment for a while because the idea of surgery was so scary. Then I met Dr. Bublik. He is a gracious, kind, extremely patient Doctor. He was the first doctor to take the time to explain to me what happened post my first surgery, how it's effecting me now, and how he can alter it. After seeing the digital image, I saw myself again, I thought to myself, "that was the result I was suppose to have after the first surgery."

I'm taking some more time until surgery, it's a huge decision for me, and I thought I was ready emotionally, but I think I need a couple of more months to think it through. If you are looking for a doctor who will take his time with you, and work with you to figure out the best plan, Dr. Bublik is your man.
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