34 Year Old Mother of 4 100 Plus Lbs Weight Loss Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Mastopexy - Glendale, CA

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Had procedure done July 15th 2016 so I'm about 6...

Had procedure done July 15th 2016 so I'm about 6 weeks po now. I'm super happy that most of my skin from my abdomen was removed. However, I feel like my ps could've taken a bit more. Not sure if I'm completely satisfied with the outcome of my surgeries. Except for my breast I feel like he worked a miracle as far as my breast go. I went in for tummy tuck with muscle repair and a mastopexy. Eventually I plan on getting implants for a bit more volume. I needed such an extensive lift that my ps wanted to do lift first, then implants at a later date because of loss of blood flow to the nipple during surgery. I'm just not all thay happy with my tummy tuck resluts especially when I sit I can see a lot of skin still.

100 plus lb. Weight loss 6 weeks post op tt w muscle repair amd mastopexy

6 weeks post op wanted to share additional pics definitely gonna want implants after looking at my breast pics :) also was having some issues with my belly button looking like it wanted to close, so the doctor balled up some dressing which has vasoline on it and told me to change it out daily for a week. It already looks much better and it's only been 3 days ????
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I love my ps he has a wonderful bedside manner and seems like he knows what he's talking about. He wants me to be patient, and says he won't be able to tell final results for a few more months at least

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