21 Yr Old August Waiting List Rhinoplasty - Glendale, CA

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After an email consultation with Dr. G, I called...

After an email consultation with Dr. G, I called the office and got put on the waitlist for August since I am a student. Really hoping a space opens up!! I told Dr. G my concerns, goals and desires. I have a bump on the bridge, a bulbous tip, drooping tip and hanging columella. I want the bump and the bridge removed, given a more sloped and curved bridge, the columella raised, the tip refined and rotated, decreased projection. He agreed with these goals.

I think the smaller, feminine nose would match and be more proportionate to my face. I am wanting the pixie barbie nose but a realistic one of course. Natural too, obviously, but I wouldn't mind much if people noticed the change. I also don't hate my nose, I just want to improve and enhance it and have it be proportionate to and match my face more. I sometimes feel self-conscious and insecure about it (especially when pictures are taken) but not so much recently since I'm just envisioning my nose after I get surgery :D.

Questions to those who have already booked an appointment - those who were out of town, what blood tests did you need to get and how soon did you need them before the surgery? Also, when booking the appointment was a deposit required and how much was the deposit? I had planned to pay in cash so didn't take this into account but I want to be prepared for when I get that phone call for the opening (fingers crossed!!). Those who were on a waitlist, would you recommend to keep calling to check for an opening instead of waiting for a phone call? And those who traveled alone, how much did you have to pay for the nurse? Did you only need a nurse to take you back to where you were staying or did they have to spend time with you for the week? Thanks!!

Real Nose vs Edited Nose

Some edited pics of an idea of how I want my nose to look compared to my actual nose on the left

Portfolio Modeling Shots + Edited

One of the main reasons I'm getting my nose done is to get into modeling. My nose really holds me back from it. The other day, I was with a friend of mine who is against the surgery and think I shouldn't get my nose done. We decided to do a little photoshoot while she was over for fun since she brought her camera. After looking at the pictures, she became more understanding and saw from my point of view why I would want to get surgery. The bump, the droopy tip is there and visible in pictures regardless of whether I "look beautiful" or not or whether my nose "is fine/nice" or not. A few months ago, I had a portfolio photoshoot done to submit to agencies for modeling. These are the pictures posted. I was never able to go through with selecting photos for editing or submiting them to agencies because of how my nose looked.

Also, as an update I am happy to say that my friend is now accompanying me on my surgery!! I'm so relieved to no longer be traveling by myself, lodging by myself and going through a major first surgery all by myself! I'll have a friend there for to support me and take care of me. Needless to say, excited as well to have a friend to tour LA with since it'll be my first time in Cali! I can't believe my surgery is less than 3 weeks away!!

Recent + Edited

The picture with the croc is the most recent pic. Even from the front view, my nose looks worst when there is sunlight and shadows because it appears more prominent and bulbous. I had just had restalyne put in my lips before that photo which I will be writing a review for!

Another real & edited pic too

*My last update wouldn't let me add more more photos or edit the title


Does/did anyone else love to use the puppy filter on snapchat to hide their nose? lol


Yesterday was my pre op appointment. I was scheduled for 5PM but got a call around 2:30PM to come in at 4PM which was great. We got there around 3:45PM. I came with my friend, did my paperwork, paid for my medications which cost me $125. One for nausea, one for antibiotics and one for pain.

Then I got called to the room and talked with the assistant. She was really nice and answered all the questions we had. After that Dr. G came in and looked at my nose. He completely understood everything I wanted.

He noticed I had a collapsed valve on one side of my nose which he said he'd repair. My breathing is fine but we noticed that one nostril whistled a bit which Dr. G pointed out.

I posted a picture along where I guess you can see where it's collapsed. He told me would get rid of the bridge bump and I told him I wanted a sloped curved bridge. He agreed. He said that he would raise the columella, bring it back and up, reduce and raise the tip and also take in the nostril for an overall small feminine nose.

I showed him some inspiration pictures I printed (mostly of Ariana grandes nose) and other internet ones. He looked in my nostrils and noticed that I had been having allergies because inside my nose was wet which was correct and told that the surgery could potentially reduce and elongate my allergies. That was great news!

I was having really bad allergies a few days before and called to see if I could take Zyrtec which they said was completely fine.

Dr. G was very straightforward, to the point, no fluff, wasted no time which I liked. He was quiet and humble yet confident in his abilities which made me feel more comfortable. He took his time and kept asking if I had any other questions. He answered all my friend's questions too.

I asked what my skin thickness was and he told me I had good, normal skin so I shouldn't worry about that. That was a good surprise since I am part Hispanic from my moms side (she has the same nose). After that he took my before pictures and had asked me to close my eyes because my lashes were so long they were getting in the way lol!

He left then I paid the remaining balance and went on my way home with the paperwork instructions and medication. They told me to arrive at the hospital the next day at 8am. That's when I was scheduled but I didn't need to come in any earlier.

All I had to bring was a filled out form for my anesthesiologist and my id. They also told me to wear button or zip shirt and loose string tie pants.

It was such a relief to get paying for the rest of the surgery out of the way and made it completely official! No turning back!

Picture of Collapsed Valve

Day of Rhinoplasty Operation

My friend and I woke up around 6AM today. What I love about coming from Florida is that we are three hours behind so waking up early here doesn't feel so early! My muscles felt sore from doing my last gym workout before my surgery since I won't be able to for 1-2 months. I also won't be able to go upside down for 2 months so we went to an amusement park and took advantage of the ride that went upside down for my last time until October lol.

Anyways, she took a shower. I didn't have much to do since all I had to was get dressed. I had taken a shower and washed my hair the night before so I was ready. I took out my navel piercing and ear piercings. Brushed my hair and put in into a tight ponytail. Brushed my teeth.

I had to stop any consumption of food or liquids at 12AM the night before, even chewing gum. So I obviously didn't eat or drink water. We got all our stuff we needed to bring and requested an uber at about 7:30AM. We got to the hospital at around 7:45AM.

I sat down at a window with a lady. She was super nice and completely raved about Dr. Grigoryants since she had been working there for years. We're staying in Pasadena so she recommended a good food joint to us.

I had to sign some paperwork and consent forms and my ID was scanned. She made we feel confident and relaxed about the surgery with what she was saying about Dr. G.

We then went to bring my paperwork, they got me checked in and brought me to my hospital bed, gave me my gown to change into. The nurse told me take off my bra, my clothes, but I could leave my underwear on. Then the nurse came in and put in my IV which I though wasn't so bad - just a light continuous pinch.

I didn't think it was as bad as my blood work honestly. My friend then came in to sit on the chair next to me, to wait with me. She went over the paperwork, surgery, post op instructions and asked me healthcare questions.

Then I was going to be wheeled to the pre-op room and asked if I wanted my friend to come with me since I could bring one person with me before surgery. I said yes.

After I was wheeled there and waiting for a while, the anesthesiologist came and asked me pretty much the same basic health at questions. He asked if I wanted to go over the risks or if I would rather not hear them. I told him he could go over the risks. Then one interesting question he asked was if when waking up if I wanted to wake up alert or "like I've just had a couple of drinks" lol.

I asked what do people usually prefer. He said that control people prefer to be alert. I usually am a control person but I felt safe and didn't want to be alert if I felt pain or discomfort waking up so I chose like I've had a couple of drinks lol.

Then Dr. Grigoryants came to see me briefly to go over what he was going to do. He patted me on the shoulder and told me I was in good hands :) or something like that. After a while, the nurse came. I actually don't really remember what she told me but probably asked the same repeated questions like before. She was really nice.

Then,' the anesthesiologist came to put anesthesia in my IV. He said I would feel it in a minute. I hugged my friend goodbye and they wheeled me to the surgery room. Last I remember when I got there was my nurse sticking things on my body. I asked her if she could ask Dr. Grigoryants to take a picture after the surgery. Then a mask was put over my face and that was the last I remember.

I woke up a bit groggy. There was a nurse in the room doing things across the room. I think there was two actually. It was difficult to open my eyes for a while since they were a little stuck together and I was still sleepy. I did feel a little bit of stinging pain on the edges of my nostrils.

I remember seeing to the left end corner of the bed a printed out pictures of a girl's nose profile. I really liked how her nose looked and I was hoping it was me. I couldn't really see and my vision was a little bit blurry. The nurse asked me what my pain was on a scale of 1-10 and I told her 3-4. This was from the outside of my nostrils.

I remember as soon as I was waking up the song "I can't believe it" by T-Pain was stuck in my head. I even started singing it a little bit. The nurse put something into my IV and I felt a little better. I didn't feel any nausea at all which was great because I was hoping I wouldn't. I didn't want to throw up after facial surgery.

I also told the nurse that it felt like I blew my nose with concrete tissue. What I meant was that it felt like I rubbed my nose with sandpaper. I kept touching my eyes so that I would be able to open them better. Then I was wheeled to the first room I was at before the pre op room where my stuff was. There I was dressed and had my IV taken out. I was given four crackers and water to eat so that I could take a pain pill.

After, she tried calling my friend's number but she didn't answer so I texted her. She comes and had apparently fallen asleep in the waiting room. I was then out in a wheelchair to wait for an uber and they let me keep the hospital socks.

They told me I may feel nauseous in the car ride so gave me some bags if I needed to throw up. When the uber came I felt completely fine and perfect on the way home. No nausea, dizziness or pain just a minor sore throat. I will continue and post part 2 tomorrow since I have to get some sleep now.


Surgery Day Part 2 & Day 1 Post Op

Once we got home from the hospital, I remember being really feeling absolutely no pain but being super uncomfortable from the heat. The AC wasn't working in the Airbnb place we were staying at :(

Then, I started to feel nauseous and felt as though I had to throw up and couldn't control it at all. This is really weird to say but once I got the vomiting bag, it was the most pleasant throwing up experience in my life lol. Sorry if that's gross tmi but it wasn't like usual and it just felt like I was pouring liquid out of my mouth. And I didn't even have to bend over or anything. I didn't taste or smell anything but I did notice that it was old blood from the surgery which they told me would be normal.

I instantly felt a lot better. I didn't feel drowsy or tired at all. I felt quite energetic to my surprise. We decided we needed to get straws, arnica tablets and Vaseline. So we walked to Trader Joes and CVS. I felt so much better bring outside with the cool breeze. I felt fantastic. The best place to find arnica tablets I found out was Trader Joe's. If you're having trouble finding the tablets, that's the place to go.

I really don't mind going out in public with my cast on and everything. I like it actually lol. Anyways, when we got back home i don't really remember too many details or sequence of events. I was kind of confused. I think I started taking my medications. I took my arnica tablets.

Also, when changing my gauze and dressing, I applied arnica gel to my cheekbones and immediately felt a strong burning sensation and took it right off. I think it was a reaction to whatever they had left on my face from my surgery.

So as a warning make sure you use a facial wipe on your face before you apply anything on your face. The arnica gel has alcohol in it which I think caused the burning reaction. It also left a red mark on my cheeks. Once I wiped my cheeks, it was fine to apply it.

I also was very hungry and had a big appetite after the surgery so I ate some mashed fruit packs, mandarin fruit cups and chocolate jello pudding (felt really good fit my throat). My friend and I just laid on the couch and watched Netflix for the rest of day. I got up and walked around often.

That night my friend made Alfredo pasta which was fine for me to eat. When going to bed though I felt nauseous and threw up for the third time. This time was pleasant like the last two times though and it was food instead of blood. It was like a usual vomit which put a lot of pressure on my nose and made my nose start bleeding heavily. I freaked out and was no longer able to talk from my nose being so filled with blood. So I would recommend that even if you're feeling like you have a good appetite and can eat food, keep to a liquid diet for the first day at least. I fell asleep in the sofa chair at around 11pm/12am.

I woke up the next day at around 6AM with an extremely dry sore throat. I felt with my tongue that the side of the roof of my mouth where it was sore had little bumps on it which were probably dry patches. I woke my friend up at 7am and I took my medications. I didn't feel any pain other my dry throat.

For breakfast I ate a fruit cup, green juice and something else I forgot. We watched tv while we ate. Then we went to cvs to pick up cough drops and a cream for the burns on my cheeks since they were still red when I woke up. Since you can't wear glasses after surgery, I made sure to bring hats for protection from the sun.

After that we walked to a nearby museum since it thought it would be cool and breezy like the day before but i wished after that we had just taken uber because it was way too hot and unbearable outside. I think it made my nose more sensitive and around the nostrils sting a little bit since I wasn't having much of that pain before. I'm definitely a person that loves the sun and the heat where most people wouldn't but the surgery has made me very sensitive to heat.

We took an uber back even though it had cooled down but we were hungry lol. We ate some more Alfredo pasta for dinner with some mochi ice cream.

I noticed I felt more uncomfortable with my nose today than the day before. Today, I occasionally felt my bridge tingling and throbbing which I guess just means it's healing. The itching was very minor, infrequent and barely bothered me. I would also feel slight stinging sensation around and under my nostrils which was pretty uncomfortable when I would feel it.

I noticed today that my bruising is not as bad as I thought it would be and from the other pictures I had seen. It could be because of the arnica tablets I was taking or maybe because I had restalyne put under my eyes 2 months before or maybe a combo of both. Everyone also says that the day after is supposed to be the worst bruising so I'm pretty happy with how little I bruised. My red burn marks also went away after applying hydrocortisone.

First photo is after surgery

Last 3 is day one post op (today)

Shopping & Packing List

Here's what I bought and packed before my trip
-foam neck travel pillow
-arnica gel
-biotene mouth spray
-sensitive skin Burt's Bees facial wipes
-cocoa butter lip Vaseline
-water container
-hair ties
-button up or zip up blouses, shorts, dresses
-any clothes you can pull up instead of over your head

What I bought after arriving
-dry shampoo
-arnica tablets
-cough drops
-soft bendy straws
-fruit cups
-mosh ups
-frozen fruits for smoothies - make sure to have one with cherries as they have healing properties!
-juices, green machine naked drink

I'll update and add more when I get my cast off!

Cast Removal Day

Yesterday was the day of my cast removal.
The past few days before that were quite the roller coaster. Having a cast on my face made me feel very vulnerable. It was pretty scary being out in public. I never really felt self conscious or embarrassed.

My vision was obscured from the ground so I couldn't even see where I'm stepping or walking. I couldn't over either. I felt pretty needy and dependent which I didn't enjoy. Having the cast on my face and being in recovery from rhinoplasty made me feel sort of helpless and like an easy target or victim. I know it's such strange dark thoughts to have being out and about especially doing cool stuff in LA and Hollywood.

I also had an odd fear of someone randomly punching me in the face. It's true that some people have an irrational hatred for plastic surgery especially with how the media portrays plastic surgery and the women who do it. Also, having read messages from someone I didn't know who was unsupportive of my surgery and said they wanted to slap the nose off the face...

I was also worried about the heat and the effects it would have on my nose. I sometimes felt feverish and sensitive to heat in the days having my cast on. There were times when I would get car motion sickness which I later learned was from the pain medication. Pain was very minimal. There were times when I would just feel sinus, nose and head pressure as well as throbbing with my nose.

I never really experienced any nose bleeds. Sometimes changing the gauze was painful if I felt it got caught on my stitches. Coating the bottom of my nose with Vaseline helped prevent that. I wasn't able to stay asleep for long at night because my mouth and throat would get so dry it'd hurt. But I'd fall asleep a few times during the day watching Netflix which was good. I think we went through like 5+ different shows during that week! Lol. Other that all that, there were many times during the day when I felt absolutely fantastic physically lol!

For my cast removal, I was scheduled for 9:30 AM but was called at 9AM when I was already on my way if I could come earlier. I got there around 9:22 and was called in around 9:25. Getting the cast off was fine, didn't feel it. The rest was pretty painful when he would pick with I think it was tweezers.

Dr. G told me that he couldn't find the other splint but I had remembered that a little clear plastic piece came out a few days before when I was changing my gauze dressing. I wasn't sure if it was a splint though. He told me that even if it was still in there it would come out on its own and I shouldn't worry.

My flight was later that night and I was told that all I had to do was spray Affrin in my nose before the flight to prevent bleeding on the plane and to do it again if it did start bleeding on the plane. But no more than that because it can be addicting.

He told me that I have excessive swelling but that the bridge would narrow and get smaller, the bridge would curve a little bit in more and the tip would have a bit of a supra break. He was also able to give me the photo of the after during surgery which he said looks very piggy and nothing like I do now or will.

The whole thing lasted no more than 15 minutes. Dr. G was in a rush to attend to a hospital patient so he wasn't able to spend more time with me. But he was able to answer my most important questions. He told me that if I ever had any question to just email him. I felt pretty dizzy and disoriented when I was in the office. I think it was because I took the pain medication too close in between. I was scared of the stitch removal pain lol.

I am so in love with how the profile looks! But from the front looks really big wide and piggy. It kind of reminds of the old phantom of the opera, the scary version lol. I'm just really looking forward to looking normal again!

Before the flight, we decided to go to an art college exhibit but I had to step outside and sit out on the grass because of how dizzy and nauseous I felt. I couldn't go back inside, it was so hot in there so we left. I felt fine when we got home but I learned then that those dizzy and nauseous symptoms are from the pain meds and not the rhinoplasty itself. I decided to no longer take anything so that I wouldn't feel sick on the plane.

At the airport that night. I did the nose spray up my nose about an hour before my flight. It went down my throat and tasted bitter which Dr. G said would taste like. My flight was about 4 and a half hours. I watched a movie for the first 3 hours and then felt pressure and a headache so I fell asleep until we landed.
We got home around 6AM and I was so happy to be able to finally sleep in a bed laying down lol. I never woke up throughout my sleep either and slept the longest since the surgery.

Day 7-Day 12

It's been almost two weeks since my surgery! I think since I've had my cast removed, I've had excessive swelling of my nose. I was looking really freakish and alien like. My eyes looked really small and really far apart. The avatar look I was prepared for lol. The upturned piggy nose looks like a rhinoceros too. My lack of bruising was replaced with lots of swelling. Since the swelling has gone done under my eyes and cheeks, my eyes have dark circles and look a bit sunken in now too. It was just the nose and between the eyes where the swelling is now. I know it's just swelling but it's still scary looking at yourself and your family members seeing you and telling you that you look so different. I'm also in hiding from anyone who I haven't told about the surgery because I don't look like myself yet. It sucks :/ My nose looks so much better when it's taped down too. With the tape, you can see how much the swelling is at the line of end of the tape on the tip.

I've also been doing a little bit on contour on the bridge to make it look thinner which makes it look somewhat better.

To reduce the swelling quicker, I decided to start sleeping more upright, reduce intake of sodium, no vitamin E, no hot showers, no lifting over 10lbs, no bending over and avoiding physical exertion.

I had been searching all over the place for Bromelain which I read helps more with swelling (I think Arnica is more for bruising). I checked WalMart, Target, Walgreens and was unable to find it until today at The Vitamin Shoppe. I took one pill today. I think I'm also going to start taking the Arnica tablets again just in case.

I went searching all over for swelling before and after pictures for relief lol. Not many on here post frontal pictures in the first few weeks post op - only profile. Thankfully, the swelling keeps going down and I keep looking more and more like myself everyday! I'm just really looking forward to my tip dropping, bridge width swelling to go down and face normalizing. I don't really care too much about tip swelling right now. Last night, I also decided to listen to a surgery recovery healing hypnosis. It's weird I know lol. (It's free if anyone wants me to send the link to the mp3 download) Also have been saying positive affirmations about my nose to myself. I'm a big believer in the power of the mind when it comes to personal results. I believe in thinking positive, especially for these kinds of things. If anything, worrying won't help but talking to your PS will.

One thing I've noticed when I'm trying to sleep is that I will feel my nose throbbing. It doesn't hurt or anything but it's really uncomfortable and keeps me from falling asleep.

Last night when I was cleaning my nose, I noticed that one nostril was having a much harder time breathing than the other one and was whistling when I would breathe. I looked inside with a flashlight and noticed that the inside of that nostril seemed to be swollen. The inside skin is close to the septum. I emailed Dr. G about it hoping that it's just temporary swelling and not permanent or some kind of collapse. He told me that the side wall is still swollen and that I need to use Vaseline as well as clean.

3 Weeks Update

It's been three weeks! I can now say that I look normal and much better. I've seen people who I haven't told and they never noticed a difference. I think it looks good now overall. Still fat and wider than before but it's obviously swelling so it doesn't bother me much. The only thing that concerns me is the nostril show. And it's not even from the front view, it's the profile, especially the right side that shows nostril. You can see inside my nostril on that side and it looks really weird, like the columella is hanging lower on that side. It makes it look done a bit, piggy still. I'm hoping when my tip drops and the swelling reduces that look will go away. I do like the slightly dropped tip where it looks natural.

I had a photoshoot yesterday. I think it looks better in person than in photographs taken of me. For models, I'd recommend waiting at least 2-3 months for a photoshoot. I'm just really glad my face has normalized and my eyes don't look so far apart. My eyes do still look a bit sunken in but that's probably due to the swelling.

For breathing, I am still pretty much have to be a mouth breather. My lips are super chapped from it. I can breathe much better though sometimes, usually for a while after I clean. I think most of my stitches have fallen out but I still have a few remaining. Still cleaning the nose and taping at night.

My nose stopped throbbing so much at night so I'm able to sleep better besides the mouth breathing.

My smile has come back, maybe like 80-90% - you can see all of my teeth but it still feels a bit stiff.

I noticed when looking at pictures of my profile how much more proportioned and balanced my face looks. I used to not like my chin and thought I needed a chin reduction because I didn't like how it stuck out. Now, with my curved profile the chin looks so much better and I love how my face looks!

I really wish there were more reviews that posted more after photos of swelling progression.. So here ya go - lots more!

Updated Shopping List

Shopping after I got my cast off:

-q-tips (need lots)
-more vaseline since the airport threw mine away
-hydrogen peroxide (for cleaning - not too much to not dry out nose)
-the vitamin shoppe Bromelain
-Ocean Saline Nasal Spray

Almost 2 Months

Hi everyone! Sorry I wasn't able to update for the one month mark but it's almost been 2 months now since my surgery and I just want to say that I am beyond happy with the results!!! So a little overview:

-Breathing: My breathing is completely back to normal now and when I close one nostril I don't hear any whistling from the other nostril like Dr. G showed me before. No more mouth breathing yay!
I do sometimes get stuffy but that's been getting better and less frequent over time. I have to clean it less often and many days I don't have to worry about it now.

-Smile: My smile is completely full and back to normal now with no stiffness or limitations.

-Pain: I feel absolutely no pain touching my nose or any strange tinglings or feelings. One thing that feels a little strange still is when I raise my eyebrows really high or strongly I'll feel a gentle pulling of my nose. I can't wrinkle my nose yet because that does hurt a bit especially when it happens automatically. And of course it does hurt when someone touches my nose or it gets bumped but not too badly.

Bleeding: I have not experience any nose bleeds since my surgery.

Other: I am able to blow my nose now. And I'm sure all of the stitches are out by now.

Appearance: I am now so in love and happy with my new nose!!! The tip has dropped and no longer has the piggy look to it. It is still a bit hard though. My nostrils have softened and no longer have that flared look to them. They have come in a lot more. There is also no more of the nostril show I was concerned about (it was all just swelling). My only minor complaint is the bridge I feel is still slightly wider than previously. It's definitely not as wide as it was with the previous swelling. It could just be more swelling or it could be the graft that was put it but if that was the case, I wouldn't mind. I am very very pleased with the outcome of my results so far. That is also easily managed with some contour as well. That I can live with lol.

One of my new friends who had a nose job a year ago told me that my nose is going to get much more refined within the year, especially the tip. I am very excited to see how much more refined it gets in the coming months!! Now that all the hard part is over it's all good!!

If I am missing anything to address, let me know and ask anything!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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