Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks, and Bra Rolls - Glendale, AZ

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Had procedure done yesterday, went in at 8:30 was...

Had procedure done yesterday, went in at 8:30 was out by 1pm. Like another person stated once you are given the anesthesia you wake back up in what seems like a couple minutes with the procedure completed.

I was nauseous once I arrived home, so I took the anti-nausea meds that I was given. I was also given a steroid to help with swelling, Oxycontin, and an anti-biotic. I was not really hungry following the procedure, probably because I felt sick. Had a tiny bit of soup took my pain medication and passed out for the night. When I woke up the next morning I felt totally fine, some tenderness from the bruising but that is the only pain I am having so far.

Went in for the post op and I could not believe that even with the swelling my tummy was flat. I am 5'1" weigh about 120lbs and have never had a flat tummy. I am not fat but even when I weighed 100 lbs I never had a flat abdomen.

Bruising is pretty extensive but it is where the compression garment is pressing harder. So my guess is that the garment is causing some of the bruising. will post more as the days go on.

4 days post-op I can tell that my results are...

4 days post-op

I can tell that my results are going to be good. Doctor checked in with me today to make sure that all is well. Just have the bruising and the tender areas where the stitches are. I had 7 areas where the cannulas were inserted. Still swollen but not anywhere near what I thought I would be. Happy that I switched to a spanx camisole garment yesterday, made it much better to get around the house. I have been doing pretty normal activities, shopping, walking etc. I would not say that I am ready to do aerobics or anything like that but probably in a week or so that would work.

According to the doctor they removed approx 5.5lbs or 2500cc's of actual fat. I believe it as I can already where a tight fitting shirt without worrying about my bra rolls on the back or muffin tops! That is only after 4 days so I anticipate that over the next month I will be very pleased!
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