57 Yr Old Getting Liposuction 2 Years After BA and TT

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I am going on January 10 for liposuction to flanks...

I am going on January 10 for liposuction to flanks and back. I had a TT 2 years ago and now my sides and back don't match. My tummy is so flat it makes everything else stick out!!! LOL I get up at 4:30 every weekday to work out. I lift weights, do butt and leg work, and do the treadmill every other day. No matter how hard I have tried or dieted...I can't get rid of my back fat or flank fat. It's gross. I am 57 but still want to look great. Menopause was hard on me weight wise and I have to take hormones which don't help. My PS has been amazing. His nurse is so knowledgeable. They both made me feel so great and at ease, I knew I made the right choice. 7 more weeks. I cannot wait. I took 1 week off of work....hope that's enough! Any thoughts? I will have to post pictures later...gotta get to bed. :)

Tommorow Lipo to Flanks, Back, Bra-line

OMG....Tomorrrow is the day. I am so nervous. I am sure this pain will not be as bad as the tummy tuck but anyone who's had both care to comment? I should have posted pictures but with Christmas and flu season...I haven't had time. Hopefully while I am home this next week. Thanks all

This hurts!!!

I am 1 week post op tumescent liposuction, flanks, bra line and back. My back is so sore...it hurts to touch anywhere it was done. It's so frustrating to be in this pain and be swollen so you can't see results yet. When I had my tummy tuck....I swelled but at least my tummy was flat. Right now I am in swell hell and it's so depressing. I know time will take care of the pain and the swelling but it's hard getting there. I can't talk to anyone except my spouse because I didn't tell anyone. Anyone else feeling this way? Someone please tell me the pain and swelling get better. Thanks
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

So far, he and his whole staff have been amazing. So knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate.

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