Juvederm to Lips - Glastonbury, CT

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I just had Juvederm to my upper lip yesterday and...

I just had Juvederm to my upper lip yesterday and It went well. I had to have 5 injections of novocaine and some parts of my lip were still not completely numb, but it did take away most of the pain. Most of the injections I didn't feel at all and what I did feel was tolerable. I usually take more novocaine than normal at the dentist too.

Today I look more like Homer Simpson than Angelina Jolie, but I can already see the swelling going down. So far I'm happy. I've had Radiesse to the cheekbones - extremely happy with that. I had Radiesse to the nasolabial folds - I don't think I'd do that again. It's OK, but pushing up on my face there slightly exaggerated my tear troughs - next on the list. However, when my new doc put the cheek injections in, it lessened the tear troughs.

I had botox in the forehead, glabellar folds and crow's feet. I'm delighted by all of it. The botox also gave me a lift to my eyes that will allow me to put off eyelid surgery for a while. My mother thinks I look like I'm in my 20's. I'm 44. I'll take that.

I've been doing home dermabrasion to renew the surface of my skin. I've also been using other over the counter products with salicylic acid as I'm acne prone, and also retin-A. I've never taken such good care of my skin in my life. I've abused it. Seems though that I caught it in time and I defnitely look renewed. I don't really think I look in my 20's, but I think I could fool a few people about my real age.

Dr. Janiszewski at MedSpa 1064

Just a note above - the pain depended on the procedure. The Radiesse was the most painful but all of it was worth it. I'm uploading a picture after all of the Radiesse and Botox, but before the Juvederm to the lips. You decide if I look 44. I have only mascara on, no other makeup.

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