Giving Birth Three Times Took Its Toll on my Tummy

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I am a proud mother of three beautiful boys but...

I am a proud mother of three beautiful boys but their births have wreaked havoc on my figure! My husband suggested a tummy tuck a few years ago, not for him but because he knew how I felt about the wrinkly, baggy skin on my stomach. This year we saved up and I went in for surgery in February.

I am happy with my results. I still have some problems with loose skin and wrinkling so it wasn’t a perfect fix. At first I expected I would suddenly become smooth and perfect; now I know that’s not true but I still feel this is much better than before.

I don’t know how hubby has put up with me over these months though! I have been panicking about everything. Every time I find a wrinkle from sitting in a certain position or every time I eat too much and my stomach naturally bulges, I get out the tape measure and make him check the results! Thank goodness my surgeon doesn’t have to put up with this, although I have called him a few times with my concerns (his receptionist is very kind by the way).

I wish I could have my dream tummy but as the swelling reduces completely I am seeing that won’t happen. My doctor has also said that there is no “perfect result” when you are as stretched as I was so I might go for Thermage when I am completely recovered from this to take care of the uneven wrinkles here and there. I think that will really help.
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