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Thanks for all the great reviews and information...

Thanks for all the great reviews and information on this forum.

After reading the posts on the forum I went ahead and had a golf ball to handball sized lipoma removed from my back. The location was upper back between spine and shoulder blade.

I had the procedure done in a doctor office. The procedure could have used a general anestesia because if its large size. The pain was moderate under a local anestesia. If you have a big lipoma and want to be sure you have no pain during the procedure you might consider a general anestesia. However, that does increase the cost considerably.

I will have about a 4 inch scare on the back as well as likely a hollow pocket where the lipoma was removed. However, since the lipoma grew itself attached to my shoulder muscles and was starting to cause some discomfort I beleive the best decision was to remove it. In fact, I wish I had it removed before this complication occurred. My reccomendation is to have them removed if possible. The bigger they get the more complicated they can become.

Hope this informmation helps and don't be afraid. It is a pretty straight forward procedure.

Gary Berliner

Very down to earth doctor. Price was reasonable.

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