40 Yrs Old, Saline Implants Under Muscle for 13-14 Yrs, Want Them Removed, No Replacement, No Lift... - Georgia, GA

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Hello ladies, I really need your help here. I...

Hello ladies,
I really need your help here. I want my implants removed... I just don't like them or want implants in my body anymore. Not having any issues, no CC I have been to several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons and all but one said it would be a straightforward 45 minute surgery as they wouldn't be removing the capsule. So I decided, I would like to just do it in office using local anesthetic. I really don't want general. Two of the doctors said they could do that no problem. The others said they would use IV sedation and local. So I made up my mind... lets get this done and over with! Take these things out! Then I had a consultation today and they (nurse and doctor) told me I must remove the capsules. If I don't," I will get seroma. I would get infection. I would get very sick, be in and out of the hospital and that it would eventually kill me!" Oh my gosh! You could have knocked me over with a feather! How awful! What do you think of this!? To all the ladies that have had implant removal, have you had any of these issues? Surely this cannot be true!? For the ladies that did not have CC, did you leave the capsule? Any problems? Did you have drains? Did your doctor do anything to the capsule? They have me so terrified now. I don't know what to do? Thank you so much for any information/advice you can give me. xoxo


I decided I needed to add photos with my story because I am so thankful for all the lovely ladies that have shared theirs. It has helped my so much! And if I only help one person it's worth it. Sorry I don't have any pre-op BA without clothes. Huge thank you to you lovely ladies for sharing your story and photos on here and to the realself team for creating this wonderful website. God bless you all. Big love, G xxx

Date set! :)

Well ladies, October 19th is my explant date! I chose Dr. William Burden to do my surgery! The countdown begins.... :) xxx

17 days and counting my lovely ladies...

Dr.Burden is removing my saline implants under local... I'm so ready! I feel so good about my decision! God bless all you awesome ladies!

4 days to go!

And I will be free from implants! Driving to Destin on Sunday, surgery Monday afternoon! Your prayers would be so much appreciated. I haven't been sleeping too well lately... Can't seem to shut my mind off... Praying for the best outcome and a good result I'm happy with. God bless all you wonderful ladies and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me so much by sharing your story. You ladies are worth your weight in gold and more. Will update and post pictures when I can. Love to you all


Driving to Destin this morning, ready for surgery tomorrow afternoon! So scared! Here's some pics of what I look like in clothes...


I just took my first antibiotic a little less than an hour ago (doxycycline) it's making me so sick and I just threw up. What should I do??? :(

All done! Implant free! :)

Hello my beautiful friends! It's all over with! Surgery was a piece of cake! Took about 45 minutes. Dr. Burden was brilliant! We talked and laughed the entire time! I just had local anesthetic, in office. That was definitely the way to go for me as general anesthesia doesn't agree with me at all. I have absolutely no pain right now because the anesthetic hasn't worn off yet. His nurse said I looked good for immediately afterwards so that's promising. I did take a peek... Doesn't look that good to me but no wrinkles or stretch marks. They are soft, squishy and floppy. I have ski slopes. They said that would fill in with time and my skin will retract some (not sure how much as everyone is different) I'm hoping a lot haha!!! My hubby said he likes them. I think he's just being very sweet to me :) I'm wearing my compression vest (posted a pic of the one I have) I like it so far. Keeps everything tight. I will take and post some photos soon! Going to relax with my boys...watch a little tv then off to bed. I'm so glad it's over! And thank you awesome ladies from the bottom of my heart! I'm not sure I could have done this without you! You are all amazing! Big love to each and every one of you! Talk with you tomorrow! ??????xoxoxo

First post op photos...

Hi lovely ladies. Here's a few pics I took right after surgery, in hotel room. I'm feeling pretty good this morning had a good nights sleep. Hardly any pain just a little tenderness at incisions but nothing that would warrant taking any pain pills. Thank you so much for all the messages, love, prayers and support! You are all amazing! Love and blessings, G xxx

Clearer photos

One day post explant...

1 week post explant photos

2 week post op pics!

Hello my beauties! I hope this message finds you well! Just wanted to post a few pics for my 2 week update. I actually think I see some improvement already!:) May just be in my mind and wishful thinking but, yeah I think I do! I think my left looks a little better than the right, the indention is slightly more on the right but I do see a little improvement and it's very early days yet, so I'm very hopeful and optimistic. I feel great! And best of all my hot gorgeous hubby thinks a look even more sexy without the implants! Woo-hoo! He can't keep his hands off me! And I snuck into bed this past weekend without a stitch on... I will leave the rest to your imagination...:) So absolutely no issues there ;) I did put my post op bra on immediately afterwards though lol! (Just wanted to share that info for all the beautiful ladies worried about what they will look like and will their husbands still think they are sexy?) the answer... Yes! Yes! Yes! And if for some crazy reason he doesn't then he's not a man and not worth you! Move on to something bigger and better my beautiful friends! Love and sweet blessings to each and every one of you!!! You rock!!! xoxoxoxo :) :) :)


I wanted to ask you ladies what compression or sports bras you liked using after your surgery? I'm not crazy about the ones I have and I have to wear them for several more weeks/months so would like to try some different ones than the ones I have. Thank you so much! :) xoxo

Photos to compare.

Hi ladies these pics were taken post op day and 2 week post op...I can see some improvement!!! ;) xoxo

5 weeks post op pics!...

Hello my beautiful friends! Feeling fantastic! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I have a lot to be thankful for. Life is good and God is great! Love and blessings to you all xoxo

3 months post explant...

Hello my lovely ladies and Happy New year! It's been 3 months since I had my implants removed so just wanted to give you a quick update and post new pics. I'm feeling great and very happy I decided to explant. I love my boobs! They're not perfect but they weren't perfect with implants either. I much prefer them now than with the implants. My husband also agrees :) As you can see from the photos there has been significant improvement from day one... still massaging oil and lotion daily, after every shower and wearing a bra when I sleep. I probably won't post another update for a couple of months.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies that have shared their story and photos on this website. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to explant if it weren't for you. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2016! Love and blessings, G xxx

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