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Hi my name is Nikki and I just thought I tell...

Hi my name is Nikki and I just thought I tell about my experience.

I just turned 22 years old last month and I am 5'5 and about 150 pounds. I noticed my boobs got large when I was in about 8th grade. They were not a problem until I joined the military. Crazy thing is I dropped a cup size when I went through basic training. i went down to a D cup (Oct 2010). A couple of months after I made it to my first duty station I went back up to a DD at 130 lbs (Jun 2011) and just four months later I was a DDD at 145/150 lbs (Oct 2011).
I continued to work about but that didn't work not to mention the pain i suffered from wearing multiple bras to contain these puppies. So by May of this year I was fed up with the back pain and I went to my provider for the first time and told her and the first thing she said was your a good candidate for a breast reduction. Now keep in mind I had no prior documentation of back pain or anything. I went in for a consultation the next week on May 22 and on June 1st I received a phone call saying that I was approved for the surgery by tri care. Quick right? Well get this, they told me I could have the surgery on June 19th, but due to school and work and my bday being June 20th I opted to have the surgery July 17th because they only did them on the 3 Tuesday of every month.
Well for me my surgery went well. I slept most of the day on the first day and don't remember much. The next few days i was very exhausted but I tried to get up as much as possible and walk around like my nurse told me to. I had my follow up appointment two days later and they took off the wrap and scheduled me for another follow up for monday the 30th. I'm hoping they are going to take the tape off :)
I will post pictures!

The only thing I noticed is that my nipples aren't even but it's not too bad

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