GentleLASE Just in Time for Bikini Season

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Body hair has always been an issue for me because...

Body hair has always been an issue for me because I have light skin but dark black hair in unwanted places. I accept that there will be hair in “the usual” spots like my bikini area but it’s also a major problem on my lower abdomen leading to my pubic area. I’m talking DARK hair in great volume. There was a time when I would tan to an extreme just so it would look a little less obvious. Eventually I checked out a good dermatologist.

We settled on GentleLASE after he informed me of the different benefits and results for each type of laser treatment, and there are a lot! I’ve gone back for three sessions on my lower abdomen and bikini areas with increased settings each time. After each treatment the hair would disappear and then some would grow back. This got a little frustrating but it was less and less each time. By now I’m down to just a few straggly hairs in my bikini area, which isn’t too bad. I also still have some of the lighter hairs on my lower abdomen but they don’t worry me too much. If my doctor can’t see them to remove them, I don’t think anyone else will notice. They will be gone eventually though and I can’t wait.

I don’t know how many more treatments I’ll need but I’m determined to see this through. It’s really inspiring because even though it gets time-consuming and repetitive, there’s noticeable improve each time. I can’t wait to show off my new look on the beach this summer. Hopefully heads will be turning for all the right reasons this time!

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