Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal (Reduction) - Full Bikini - Gatineau, QC

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I kept getting cuts and ingrown hair down there...

I kept getting cuts and ingrown hair down there from shaving and trimming and I decided no more! I started my IPL treatment in late December and have so far had six treatment $175 CDN each with taxes. We estimated I only needed one or two more to get complete hair removal. So far the results have been great! I don't shave for almost 4 weeks and the hair grows thinner and thinner and only grows on certain areas. I would say 85% of the hair is all gone and the treatment isn't done yet.

They increase the intensity of the light every two sessions to reach a maximum for your skin/hair type. You mostly feel a little pinch at first. But the pain does go up a bit with the intensity but they do put ice packs to freeze the area and alleviate the pain before starting. I usually no longer feel in pain or uncomfortable an hour or so after treatment. I am planning on getting my underarms done as well :)
Malibu Spa - Atika

I absolutely love her! I go see this beautician for all my beauty treatments including waxing. She is gentle but fast and efficient at the same time, she also has a lot of experience.

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