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I decided to have weight loss surgery because I...

I decided to have weight loss surgery because I have tried everything else. I talked to my family doctor who was helpong me with pills, that didnt work and then I found a specialist in weight loss surgery and went to the orientation. I went there planning on having the lap band but after everything I went with the roux-en-y. It was the best decision I ever made. I had the surgery in May and have already lost over 80 lbs. I feel fantastic and if I do say so myself, look great.

At first I was really scared nd thought to myself"I cant believe I let myself get to be this big and have to have surgery to fix it". Alot of other people have told me that I was taking the easy way out. That is soo not true, it is very hard and Im not going to lie I struggle alot with getting my protein in but again,Im glad I did it. The only real con I would say was that I ended up with an ulser and couldnt keep anything down for almost 2 weeks except liquids. After that was under control it had been smooth sailing.If anyone is looking into this I would say, go for it! It had changed my life and I love it.

Dr James Foote

Dr F was great! His office specializes in weight loss surgery and has every tool needed in his building to help your journey. Everyone that wors there is fantastic and very helpful. I drove quite a distance to go there because I myself heard great things and Im glad I did. I dont know what else to say other than check his office out for yourself, you will definatly stay there. It is Grand Health Partners in Grand Rapids.

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