Gastric Bypass - La Jolla, CA

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I LOVE IT. Its been 7 &1/2 years. I lost 120...

I LOVE IT. Its been 7 &1/2 years. I lost 120 lbs, no longer diabetic, or have high blood presure and was able to recover VERy quick to having both knees replaced. I have only gained 15 lbs back but that was my fault, I just got careless in my eating, but I am back on track.

If you are thinking about this procedure and want your health back JUST DO IT. I feel that the biggest key to my sucess is the support group therapy after the surgery. I didn't go at first and should have. I go now as I consider it my "tuneup". I will go to support group forever. If your doctor doesn't offer a support group. Look around other doctors offer them and will usually welcome you. Personally I wouldn't chose a doctor that didn't offer after surgery support. I am a 62 yr old female and walk 2-4 miles about 4 days a week and go dancing every Sat. night. I go hiking, biking and camping. Al things I couldn't do before my gastric-bypass.

I did it so someone else may make an informed...

I did it so someone else may make an informed decision about the procedure.  If my review helps just one person make a decision on what is right for them, thats great.

Dr Whitgrove, Skripps Clinic

I gained overall better health.

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