37 Yo. Much Needed Lipo of Upper Body

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I'm about to start this Lipo journey, I'm nervous...

I'm about to start this Lipo journey, I'm nervous as he'll. I just want actual results not like some of these horror stories. I'm reading that some women go in for Lipo and never achieve change. I would be devastated if that happened to me. I have faith in my surgeon and he made me feel more than comfortable at the consultation. He was my third consult and I know that I'm making the right decision... I'm 5'5" 211lbs. And solid. My stomach and arms are my biggest problem.. I will upload pics of my befores closer to the surgery date because I want to lose some weight. If anyone is a patient of doctor reish and had great results or bad, please reach out to me. I would appreciate your feedback. I'm also interested in microblading in the NYC area.. Any suggestions?? Here are some wish pics of how I wouldn't mind my stomach Looking like..

1month pre op pics

Hopefully I will lose some weight before sx.

Diet Ugh!!!!!!!

I'm down 9 pounds... Haven't started exercising yet... If I can find the energy after work, I will start... Its so hard.....

Any Changes???

Some inches lost.....


Wondering if I should push back lipo. I'm going on a cruise the 21st and having lipo the 28th.. Should I leave more time to get the liquor out of my system.? I have 3 days to recoup before sx. And my poor diet is gonna go down the drain...smh... I went from 221 to 211 to 213 now I'm 203lbs. I'm trying to get to 198 for sx and 180 after... I'm good at 180lbs. Idk what to do....

Primary Care!!!!

So, today I went to my pcp to get labs done for my lipo medical clearance. I got the whole shabang plus a chest X-ray. I hope that my hemo level is good and nothing unexpected pops up... Tomorrow is my pre op appointment and I have to pay the remaining balance . Does anyone know if your surgery can be cancelled if your bmi is too high? What should it be?

Finally broke the 200's!!!

Started the VitaMedica today! 2 more weeks to go.... I'm so ready to get this over with. I wish that I could blink and be 3 months post op.

The Results are In!!!!

I'm cleared for surgery..... Yassssss!

Back to Reality!!!! Cruise over......

I know I gained some weight from the cruise but I'm not gonna get on the scale until Monday..(sx day). I need to rest and hydrate myself now...

24 HOURS!!!!!!!

I think that I'm as ready as I'm going to be. Its funny because in this moment, I don't feel anything, I'm not scared, nervous, anxious or worried. I am at total peace with my decision. I tell you one thing though, this air mattress is not so comfortable And i wonder if I'm forgetting anything.......my first post op appointment is Friday.

I did It!!!! Its done......

Good evening RS,
I made it through , Thank God! I'm in a little pain and i keep falling asleep but for the most part I feel good. I'm swollen, I think that i look bigger now then i did when I went in. Talk to you guys later...

1 day post op

Ladies, ok... Yesterday I was talking all that pain free ish.... Yeah, that's over... I'm not even sure if its pain or major soreness but what ever it is. I can barely move without assistance. Yesterday I had my cousin with me but she has to leave me today because she has to work. I'm on my own now. It really takes everything in me to get out of the bed and go to the bathroom. Getting back in bed is a whole other obstacle. I don't think that I need the oxy so imma switch to the Tylenol to see if it helps with the soreness better. The oxy just takes the edge off and makes me sleepy and itchy. And the bruising is coming in now too. No pics today because I'm too sore for it. Definitely Friday when I go for my first post op appointment. If the pain gets any worst or if nausea sets in I will let you know. Yesterday I really didn't eat, I had rice cakes and animal crackers because they told me not to eat anything heavy, greasy, spicy or dairy.I've been drinking lots of water and Gatorade.
Today I will restart the vitamedica and bromelin and antibiotics.

4 days post op.!!!!!!!!!!

I don't see much of a difference yet. So either I was hallucinating but I could of sworn the nurses said the the doctor had taken out 5000cc's...... Come to find out the Dr. Only took out 3500cc's. He said that was the safest for me. Whatever?????. I was mad as shit because I told him 5000cc's... All I know, at my next appointment in 3 weeks, I better be seeing this hourglass figure he talks about me having. So after sx I shot up to 219 from 199. Today I'm 214. Guys, I kinda of disappointed and I can't even imagine how I will look after the swelling goes down. Anyway, he says that I look good, healing well, and have less bruising than most ppl he has seen. I walking good and I can sleep in any position. I'm still sore but nothing unbearable, off the pain meds and I'm honestly not excited anymore.... Keep u posted if I see any changes before my 3 week check up which is Sept 29.

No changes Yet!!!

No changes yet that I can see... Is it normal for the soreness to get worst. I can barely sleep at night and my skin is numb, hard and sensitive to touch. I lost the 10 lbs of tumescent fluid that was injected into me, that's good news. I can't wait for this swelling to go down. I tried on some jackets that I couldn't fit because my arms were too big..... I got into all of them but they Still are too tight around the back. I look stuffed when zipped up.. I guess that's good... Anywho, just patiently waiting........

Ok, ok

I see a little progress.....

2 Weeks post!!!!

I must say that I'm still not convinced..... My changes are subtle and I wish they weren't..... I don't know if this was worth it, I think its too early for me to tell... I'm losing my enthusiasm...

Lymphatic Drainage !!!!!!

Today I went for my first lymphatic massage and I don't know if it did anything. It was a hand massage for 60 minutes. I thought it would concentrate on my lipo'D areas but yet it was a full body massage even my face.... Is this normal??? It didn't hurt and it didn't do much of anything plus the ish was $90.
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