35 Year Old Male. Physically Active. Liposuction on Belly, Flanks, Inner and Outer thighs.

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So this is it! I'm a 35 year old male. I take a...

So this is it! I'm a 35 year old male. I take a lot of care of myself. I eat healthy, I do at least one hour of exercise every day. I train weights, I run and I practice yoga with my wife. However, I've always had thunder thighs, saddle bads and love handles! Even when I was younger and I weighted less, I still had them! Yes, It's very rare that some men have big hips/thighs but I am one of those cases. Now that I'm in my thirties, I've been struggling with clothes. Chosing a pair of jeans is a burden. I'm always uncomfortable. If I get a pair of jeans a size up, the waist is too big, and If I get one just right on the waist, the legs won't let me move. So after considering and trying many alternatives, I took the decision to have some liposuction. This is not a big secret, some friends and relatives know, but I'm not going public with a lot of people I know. However, I took the decision to open a profile here and share my experience.
So here goes!
I'll try to upload and update whenever I can. Thank you for reading this. Wish me luck!

Week 1 Update

So this is a summary of what happened last week.

The day of my surgery, I arrived with my wife to the clinic. I registered and in a little while I was shown into the recovery room because I was going to be prepped with some medicine prior to entering the operation room. The doctor came in to talk me, and also the ansthesiologist and a male nurse came in to introduce themselves. After that, I went in! The male nurse gave me a iodine "bath" and then was asked and helped to lay down on the operating "bed." The anesthesiologist explained to me that even though they would be working with local anestesia, I would be sedated during the procedure. (I knew all of this beforehand). And then I suddenly woke up in the recovery room. A nurse called me by my name and said "Everything went well, sir." Apparently it took me a little longer to wake up from the sedative than they expected. My wife came in to see me. Another female nurse gave me something to drink (I think it was Gatorade or Juice, I'm not that sure!) and they said than in a few minutes I would be released. I was wearing my compression garment when I woke up.

My wife drove me home of course. She bought antibiotics and some pain medicine the doctor prescripted. She fixed me a sandwich and I laid in bed. I was SORE! But not in a whole lot of pain to be honest. It felt like an intense sunburn.

The night of the same day of my surgery was CRAZY. I did have enough sleep but yeah, I was LEAKING. The doctor did say I would leak bloody liquid but I didn't know it would be so much. It was crazy! I wasn't splashing like in Kill Bill but wow. My wife bought these (I don't know how to call them) diaper-ish towels to display under me in bed and we had to change them quite a few times during the night. The funny thing is that I was very chilled and relaxed saying "Honey, I'm wet again, time to change the diapers." and my poor wife couldn't sleep thinking something went wrong. (Nothing went wrong.) The "milking" of my legs happened all by itself. I rarely had to do a thing!

I wasn't allowed to shower till 48 hours after the surgery, so yes, the compression garment got stained. When I finally was allowed to shower, the garment was washed in the mean time.

Since I was told to be in total rest the first few days, I did so and, the days simply went by! I was told to cut down on salt and eat a high fiber diet since I would be laying down so much. (I really was worried about going to the bathroom but everything went well thank God.) That part is important in my opinion and I really haven't read much about it elsewhere.

So, I'm very bruised and very swollen. My back legs and my sides are purple! ( but it's because that was the area that was mostly worked the most during my procedure) Still, I can totally see a difference and once the bruising and swelling are gone, I kinda see where my new contour is going. I can walk now, but because of the bruising I can't sit down for long because it gets very uncomfortable.

The love handle area (lower back) doesnt seem to be bruised at all. The area of my belly is a little swollen. The doctor said he would barely touch it because I didn't need a lot of work there. Before you say anything, my backside was not worked on at all. The doctor did offer a fat transfer to my bum but I said that I didnt think I needed any extra fat there. We agreed that it was fine as it is.

My body does feel a little numb and tender. Although I feel good because I know I'm healing.
These are the highlights of the week. I'll try to update any relevant information for week 2.

Thank you for reading.

Week 2!

I am ELATED to see my healing progress. I'm still a little bruised, even though the bruises are slowly going away. To be honest I'm not sure if I'm still swollen up or not! I mean, I've read that the swelling goes on and on for quite a while and after the 6 weeks of recovery a little is still there. I think I even read that the swelling may take 3 to 6 months to be completely gone. If I am still swollen I can't wait to see what I would look and feel like by then because I feel great! I know I can swell up all of a sudden again in the following weeks, so, I'm goint to leave the subject alone. Don't want to attract that energy, if you know what I mean!

My body looks natural! I like the shape of my upper legs and that now I can tell the difference between my hamstring and my butt. (Side pic included) This wasn't noticeable before. I've always had a butt, but the saddlebags and inner thighs made me look wider and disproportionate. Even though I still have a butt, I like my new shape!

Lovehandles and belly were worked on as well, but the big difference shows in my legs. My quads look like actual QUADS and I'm happy.

I can't wait till I'm allowed to exercise again. My doctor told me I would be able to start after week 4. I'm planning to pick up my exercise routine slow and steady.

My biggest "complaint" right now is that I have to use the compression garment 24/7. This past weekend was the first time I went out and wore jeans over my garment. I felt great but all those layers of clothes are not my thing. Patience is the key.

I can sit now for longer, my legs are not that sensible anymore. I'm using an all natural balm to help the bruises heal.

From time to time, I feel funny sharp tickles in the worked areas. They're not really painful, they are more like funny.

One other thing I noticed is that I'm going to the bathroom to pee like CRAZY. My wife told me that it might be that I have to get rid of the swelling liquid somehow so maybe that's why. Also, I'm wearing compression, so I might be more sensible in that department. I'll ask the doctor about it tomorrow when I get my stitches removed!

Overall, the forecast seems good!

Thank you for reading.
I'll update relevant information next week.

Week 3 Update

I couldn't be happier with the results. And it's only week 3 post op!

My bruises are breaking down. There's still a little bruising going on, but I'm sure they will continue to improve. There's also a little numbness still going on, a little stiffness, yes, but I'm always improving. I've seen nothing detrimental so far. Only healing and forward progress!

Before the procedure I really focused on those target areas during exercise and I could see very little to no progress made. Now, I'm seeing what I always wanted a see! I'm very happy and you know who's happier? My wife. (This might be TMI, beware.) Just this week after a two week break, we got our sexy time back on. Being extremely cautious and careful, though, nothing too crazy. When I wear jeans (over my compression garment) and I'm walking a little ahead of her she says "Daaamn!" and when we're just chilling watching movies she is carresing my legs and helping me massage. She's in great shape, and many of my healthy habits are because of her, so I can see she's very excited and motivated with the outcome. And being really honest here, she didn't push me at all to go ahead with the procedure. She was actually suggesting me to not do it at first. I'm glad she's been supportive!

A few days ago, I had my stitches removed and a check up with my doctor. He was very pleased as well. He said I was still a little swollen (I swear I can't notice) and that I will continue to see improvement. He allowed me to go back to working out after week 4 so I'm excited about that.

I'll continue sharing my progress and updating after week 4.
Thank you for reading!

After week 4 and half of week 5.

I'm thrilled with the results. All the bruises are gone. The swelling I guess is still there since there's a little stiffness going on, but I just keep improving and improving. I like that my body looks natural! I couldn't be happier!

After week 4 I started working out with weights again, wearing my compression garment, ofcourse. I wasn't too keen on working out, I didn't want to get hurt or swell up drastically again... but I gave it a shot. Nope! Everything was cool! My body responded well, so exercise is back in my life!

I only worked out this weeks my upper body, though. The doctor asked me to wait to work out my legs and abs after week 6. I most certainly am following all his directions, so I'll wait a little till I do squats and leg work.

Also, after week 6 I won't have to wear my compression garment anymore, which I'm very happy about! It's really not that uncomfortable, the thing is that it's summer and all this layers of clothes are driving me crazy, but, hey, If I've been a sport for more than 5 weeks, I most certainly can deal with 4 more days, right? I can't wait!

Also, after week 6 I will get my final revision with my doctor, but I'm sure everything will turn out great.

I'm happy with my results and I don't regret this one bit!

I'll update next week!
Thank you for reading!

Week 7

Hello everybody! This may be my last post in a long time since my 6 weeks of recovery have already passed! So, I saw my doctor after week 6 and he said I was allowed to not use my compression garment anymore. Thank God! I was very happy for that!

He did tell me to wear spandex only while I exercise though for two months. I don't have a problem with that at all! My new body has raised my confidence a lot!

I'm not in pain at all, the only time when I feel a little uncomfortable is when I sit on the toilet. My back legs are a little sensitive and since that part is pressed against the toilet seat, I guess that makes me feel a little weird. This doesn't happen at all when I sit on a chair, though. Only at the toilet!

I'm back at working out my legs and my abs now. When it's leg day, I do squats, deadlifts and hip thrusters. Normal ab exercises every day. The first day I was very sore but because I hadn't done any leg work in 6 weeks! The second time around was better.

I'm planning to start a light cardio workout routine. I haven't started running again. When I do so, I'll go back to take one or two yoga classes a week with my wife. The doctor suggested that the stretches can be very helpful to slowly correct the stiffness in my legs.

Other than that, I look and feel great! My body has a natural look and I'm very, very pleased. The people that don't know about my procedure havent said anything like "You look different" because with clothes on, I really don't look THAT different. The thing is that I FEEL different. Finally I can put on some jeans without holding my breath and being uncomfortable! Before my procedure, my inner legs burned a little against the jeans' denim. Now I feel space! My legs can breathe in jeans and so can I! Also, remember that my butt was not touched at all during the procedure, and well, I have a butt. So, I don't look weird or that different. I just looked more proportioned!

The best advice I can give to anyone anywhere who is thinking about getting a procedure is this:
1. Do some research. Read about the pros and cons of a procedure.
2. Research your doctor options. What worked for someone else might not work for you.
3. Have realistic expectations. Don't expect miracles. A procedure like the one I had was a little push only. Live a healthy life! Before and after any procedure!

Thank you everyone for reading! I was not to keen on opening this profile and sharing my experience but now I don't regret it.

I hope my story is useful!

Take care and good luck!

4 months after procedure.

Hey, I'm back for a quick update and I'm posting pictures.

After I was allowed by my doctor to go back to my physical activities, gradually I came back to weight lifting, cardio and yoga.

I've been eating as healthy as I can, not in an obsessive way though. I do treat myself a little every once and then, but nothing too crazy. I started taking my protein supplements and gradually returned to the life style I had before my procedure.

This past week I weighted myself and I noticed I gained 3 pounds and I started to freak out even though I didn't feel heavy (nor chubby) at all and my clothes fitted perfectly (my wife told me I was crazy), so I decided to take pictures again to compare them.

To my surprise, I have gained weight, but it's in muscle! See for yourself!

Once again I have to say, I don't regret going through this at all! I'm so happy!
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