I Gained Weight During Ultrashape

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*Treatment results may vary

I went out of the country for Ultrashape since it...

I went out of the country for Ultrashape since it is not FDA approved in the States. Travel was minimal and I got a few vacations out of it. Make no mistake, I guarantee you this was the best part of it.

I have the common “pooch” in my tummy. I’ve never had children, it is just lingering fat that is always there. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6 and this flab has never moved. I’m not fat. So Ultrashape seemed a good idea for me. I don’t really need a tummy tuck or lipo.

I had five Ultrashape procedures and followed the aftercare instructions to the letter. The aftercare includes a healthy diet and exercise, which was hard for me being on vacation but I did it. No dessert for me – I was faithful to the diet. Then I went home, waited, and went back for three more treatments. All this time I was getting measurements done and they were snapping pictures. It was very dramatic but the scale wasn’t moving.

Between the first and second procedures I lost two pounds, likely from the diet I was on. Between the second and third (not on vacation) I GAINED three pounds and between the other procedures I lost and gained two pounds respectively.

Net weight change: +1 pound... and it cost me $3,800.

No matter what they tell you about being a “dream” candidate for this or that “results vary,” these are not good results! These are not results at all!

Also I feel that they lead a misinformation campaign with fake blogs and message board comments – like with LSL. I can’t prove it but my big, fat gut says the similarities are too great to ignore!

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