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Fully Satisfied - India

Laser Hair Removal


Doctor Review

6 Oct 2016

1 day ago

Fully Satisfied - India

I had taken dozens of laser sittings at some of the best clinics in Delhi earlier but all of them only aggravated my facial hair problem more. My growth on the face had become so worse that I had to wax it every 4-5 days and was starting to believe that there was no solution to my problems. This was until I met my miracle doctor or my fairy godmother in disguise of Dr. Monisha Kapoor. She assured me that my hair would completely go away in 3-4 sittings. I was a little apprehensive at first but after 1 sitting only, I felt 30-40% reduction in my unusually heavy growth. I have taken 2 sittings till now and I have less than 30% hair remaining as compared to my earlier condition. She is the best Dermat and has solution to all your cosmetic needs. Her staff as well is really helpful, understanding and tender. Im very much satisfied with the services received :)