Need Breast Implant ASAP - Saline Above No CC - Fullerton, CA

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Trying to find a PS that will do it under local...

Trying to find a PS that will do it under local within the next week. I've been to 4 PS and they all are charging such an insane amount for a surgery they say only takes 45 minutes. I've been looking on this site and I see people getting the explant for under $2k. Does anyone have any recommendations for a great PS that is close by that has reasonable prices?

Consult and Surgery Scheduled

Well I'm taking the plunge. At this point the $$ didn't matter as much as how I felt about the PS doing the surgery. The cost is more than anticipated, but that's okay. I just want to rid myself of these and getting back to my natural self. I know I got my BA for all the wrong reasons and my husband supports me 100%. He just wants me to be comfortable in my own skin. We will see how it goes. Have to get all my preop done this week. Surgery is scheduled 8/18. Kind of nervous about everything but reading all the other reviews has helped me.

And......they're out!

Finally got my surgery done on August 17 and I feel great. A bit itchy from the stitches and tape but overall good. I'm pretty flat and hope that the fluff that people have been experiencing will happen but we shall see. I wish I were brave enough to post pics. I feel really bloated though and still trying to get back into the swing of things. Great to hear everyone's experiences. It has helped alot with getting my implants removed.

Recovery going okay

So the itching is the worst part of this healing process and I decided to buy myself 2 comfy compression bras to wear so far for the next 3 weeks. Feels a bit weird not having them in, but I am happy they're out and I can concentrate on bouncing back into my regular routine and getting my health back. I'm hoping to fill out a little more. Time will tell.
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