Full Tummy Tuck Several Years After Mini Tummy Tuck

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I had a mini-TT several years ago which left me...

I had a mini-TT several years ago which left me with a small pannus above the incision. Everytime I bent over, there it was. I hated it sooo... I decided to have it redone.

I did not have my surgeon mess with my belly button scar, it was fine, but I did have him excise/lipo the extra skin that formed above my old incision. I ended up with a longer incision which sucked but then I formed a seroma which, 1 year later has not resolved and still causes some discomfort. Plus it makes my tummy look lumpy.

I am about to have that revised, which doesn't thrill me. One more surgery, more $$$ and time away from work, etc. Hoping for a great result in the end.

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