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Due to hypopigmentation from a previous CO2 laser...

Due to hypopigmentation from a previous CO2 laser (4 years ago at age 42) around my eyes, fullface resurfacing was done 11 days ago.  The third day after the procedure was the worst  during recovery with major swelling, crusting and painfull cleaning.  The morning of the fourth day I began seeing a marked improvement which is continuing. 

Eleven days out now,  I continue to have some itching,  reddness and slight swelling so my skin is still healing.  I believe every doctor will agree that the most significant part of the procedure is the at-home cleaning.  I found cleaning with hospital grade gauze sponges was the best at removing crusting and dead skin which is both necessary and painful (along with antibiotics). 

Infection is the enemy so sterile cleaning is imperative every 2-4 hours.  At nine days post procedure I resumed all normal activities and see huge improvement on the hypopigmentaion and all lines, wrinkles and scars which will only get better over the next 12 months. 

Do I recommend this treatment?  It depends how unhappy you are with your skin, how much discomfort you are willing to endure and how much down time you can afford (2 weeks).  This procedure is not for the faint of heart, however, the major discomfort is short lived for a major pay off.

Updated on Sep 14, 2009
Very painful procedure (for about 5 days) with great results. This procedure was done to correct skin discoloration and it was successful. However, I am currently experiencing oily, acne skin which I never had before the procedure. I am wondering if this is part of the healing process and if it will resolve with time.

After CO2 laser resurfacing 6 months ago, I am now experiencing very oily skin with acne which I never had before the procedure. Is this normal recovery? Is there anything I can do to resolve these problems?

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I completely trusted his expertise.

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