Full and Hot Lips After Restylane

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I love what restylane has done to my lips. They...

I love what restylane has done to my lips. They look awesome! Full, luscious and shapely. I had pretty think shapeless lips and they were so bad that whenever i would apply lipstick, it would slip out of the lips. Lets just say i had no lips only. I had to make an outline with a lipliner every day, then fill them up with lipstick and after a meal of a coffee, i had no lips again. My boyfriend is a darling and says he loves me just the way i am, but hey, if i can get Angelina Jolie lips, why not? When i did get fuller lips, he just couldn't stop staring at me or kissing me.really :-)

The doctor first looked at my lips and studied the case. He then asked me what kind of fullness i was looking for. When i said "Angelina Jolie", he just smiled and said," OK. Lets make it happen!". He first cleansed me, applied some cream that made me a bit numb and then injected the filler. The procedure took about 15 mins thats all. It was relatively painess, after an ice rub and the cream that was applied. My lips were tender and itchy after the injection for one night and the next morning i felt just fine. Ofcourse the swelling took a few days to go, but it reduced a bit daily so it was not dramatic.  I have gone for a follow up already this January and so my lips still look full and lovely. I think a follow up is affordable once every 7 months.

Am i happy with it? Ofcourse! More than me, it is my boyfriend who is happy! He even paid for my follow up and says he will pay for it everytime i have to go!

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