I Need Help Finding a Rhinoplasty Surgeon! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hi everyone, i am a college student hoping to...

Hi everyone, i am a college student hoping to finish soon. I really want to get a rhinoplasty done. I want a narrower bridge and a pointier tip. Possibly smaller nostrils. I think i would be so much prettier if i had these features on my nose. I want to look pretty in my graduation pic., i dont,know if this is possible with a set budget of 4,500 and i also need to get the procedure done on may 1, 2013 in and around ft lauderdale.

What can be done to my nose to achieve these results?
Are my results realistic?
Is there any rhinoplasty surgeon in florida that can help me achieve this with my budget?
I really need to get this procedure done. It would boost my confident so much. I dont want to get financing and i also need a good surgeon.

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