Fresh Eyes After Blepharoplasty - Toronto, CA

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I was completely tired of my tired looking eyes....

I was completely tired of my tired looking eyes. My upper and lower eyelids had huge bags and excessive fat on them. As a result, i looked as if i had been crying all day, wth red, puffy eyes and i looked very old. A friend of mine suggested blepharoplasty and at first i was very scared. I have always considered eyes a very sensitive part and i even wear lenses so i feared something going wrong with my eyesight. The suergon i went to explained to me that nothing would happen to my eye sight and that the fat removal would only make me look my real age, which is 37 or maybe even younger.

The surgery was not painful because of the local anesthesia. I was also given an injection to relax me and although i was awake, i was very very sleepy and don't remember much of the surgery. The surgery took a few hours and i think he worked on the upper eyelids first. Then he made the incision and removed the fat. After the surgery, my eyes were bandaged and after some rest, i was sent home. The doc gave me some painkillers to take for the time when the anesthesia wore off and i felt some pain. I was told to use cold compression for the swelling and bruising. There as a lot of it in the first week. My vision ws blurred, i couldn't watch tv as it hurt my eyes. It was just like having any other eye surgery. Gradually, all these discomforts vanished. The stitches were removed after 4 days and after that i felt much better and the improvement and recovery was significant. I avoided alcohol till complete recovery.

The scars took a few months to go. I still have some slight ones left, but they don't show at all under make up! I look so young it amazes me.I look fresh, young and happy. There are no crows feet when i smile or laugh and now i enjoy doing eye make up and enhancing my eyes. Suddenly, my eyes are my best feature!

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