I Would Not Recommend Him to Asians for Rhinoplasty - Fremont, CA

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He was assuring, promising a beautiful nose with...

He was assuring, promising a beautiful nose with his extensive years of experience.

My initial visit was comforting because he assured me my results would be fantastic. He said my nose was "too wide" so I should have that corrected also. Looking back on my old photos before the rhinoplasty, I don't see where it is "too wide". Being 16, you are at a naive age.

When I came back to take the bandages off, I instantly was not happy. My nose bridge was still low, there was no tip definition whatsoever, and my nostrils were perfectly round (which he thought was a good thing when creating it). He told me the reason for a flat nose tip was because the piece he used wasn't long enough. I'm sitting there thinking "So why didn't you measure beforehand instead of going ahead and thinking it would be okay to do a half ass job?" Who in the world wants perfectly round nostrils also?

He was so rude afterwards. I was just a teen. I had to go through life with this ugly nose because I'm too afraid of the outcome if I go to another doctor. He doesn't even post pictures on his website now. It makes one think.. When I wrote about my experience on Yahoo, suddenly a few positive ones showed up recommending him. I believe it is his staff writing them.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I am an Asian female who went to Dr. Z in high school for a rhinoplasty. I chose him because my mother knew the receptionist & suggested him.

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