31 Yrs Old, 3 Kids - Fredericksburg, VA

My goal is to get rid of the extra skin I have...

My goal is to get rid of the extra skin I have from having 3 c-sections. Though it is not alot of skin, working out has not gotten rid of it. I just want my body back. I am nervous as heck though i am looking forward to having my surgery and regaining my confidence. I have been going back and forth about getting this surgery my husband has jumped on board so i am scheduled to get it done.

One month out

I am starting to get nervous!!!! Although I am looking forward to having muscle repair and TT surgery it always nerve wrecking going under the knife. After having 3 c-sections u would thing i would be use to it by now....

Pre op appt.

So my pre op appt had been set for Sept. 7th two weeks prior to surgery. So many emotions are running through my head. Im excited, nervous, scared all at the same time.
Fredericksburg General Surgeon

Today was my consultation. Dr. Palmer had a great attitude, and made me feel calm about everything. He made sure to answer all my questions and concerns. I paid to hold my surgery date a deposit of 500.00 which also goes towards the surgery.

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