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So, I'm a mother of 5 beautiful kids preparing for...

So, I'm a mother of 5 beautiful kids preparing for a Tummy Tuck on the 30th of June. I'm a bit nervous and looking forward to great results. In the mean time, my doctor is Dr. Shane Palmer, who is located in Frederick, VA. I chose Dr. Palmer after doing intense research on other doctors and their work, and came upon Dr. Palmer. I thought his work was just amazing after viewing an abudance of photos of his work. I decided that it was time for a consultation. Every unanswered question that i had, Dr. Palmer made sure that they were answered before leaving his office! He had given me an overview as to where the incision was going to be and what repair is going to be done. Any questions will be followed up and answered upon my return from surgery. See you then...

Stomach before

Okay. So, this is my stomach before surgery. I will post an updated photo after the surgery.

Tummy Tuck

Surgery went great! Went in, was met by Nurse Becky, who is a such person. She made sure that my vitals were good, and most important, not pregnant. In was in the office about 9 am that morning. I waited for Dr. Palmer for about 10 minutes. I was then transfered and greeted by Jason, who was Dr. Palmer's assistant. to the operating room. I must be honest, that room was pretty cold. Went in around 9:30 and woke up around 1:30 pm. I was not in much pain that day.

Here are a few other pictures.

It's day 5. I am still swollen. Walking is very painfull and my back is killing me.

Now I scared!

So, now I'm scared. I noticed this buldge the second day after my surgery. It was very small. During my second day follow up, i had mentioned it to Dr. Palmer. He told me that it was normal and not to worry. So, over the next few days, i'd noticed that the buldge started protruding and getting larger, with a hot to touch feeling. Did anyone ever experience this? Can someone advise me. My follow up appointment is next week, which feels like forever.
Fredericksburg General Surgeon

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