56 Yro Tired of What I See in the Mirror - Frederick, MD

Hello to everyone. I think I'm finally ready to do...

Hello to everyone. I think I'm finally ready to do this. People say that I look young for my age, and I thought so too until about 2 years ago. I lost 20 pounds, and now when I look at my neck, all I see is crepey saggy old lady skin, and jowls making me look sad. I went to one surgeon, who said I was a good candidate for mini face lift/neck lift and brow lift. The second surgeon was more interested in doing the MACS lift, but said he would not do a brow lift. Now I'm off to a third, who has his own "LA Lift" procedure. It's all a bit overwhelming. I only want my neck and lower face lifted, extra neck skin and jowls gone. But the surgeons all have different ideas. Anyone who wants to share their MACS, please do. I'm concerned that there won't be enough done with the neck, which is my main concern.

these photos were from last year, I'm trying to find some more recent ones but I avoid the camera when I can

Third consultation

So yesterday I met with the third PS's coordinator. Brittany was great, very detailed, went over my application info and medical history. This ps is board certified and has been practicing a procedure he coined the "LA Lift", which stands for Local Anesthetic for 10 years now. She described a MACS style lift, with purse-string sutures. The incision is a short scar, going in front of the ear. The procedure is done in office under oral sedation. But the best thing I heard is that this ps only does facial surgery. . The other two claimed to be able to do everything on your body, any procedure you can name, they would do it. I am looking for a specialist, and I think I found one. She showed me about 10 before and after photos, some 2-3 months after, some just 3-4 weeks. She scars are almost non-existent, and the sutures look like fine sewing. I will be doing a consultation with the ps next Friday.

But what about 'oral sedation' and 'in office procedure'? Most everything I read steers people away from this. I don't know what to think. I am not thrilled with general anesthesia, but oral sedation doesn't sound very appealing either. We discussed at length the types of sedation and pain medication. Brittany said the oral med is like Valium, and the local is Lydocaine. Paid med varies, but I explained that Demerol does not work for me, Percoset make me sick, she said they would make sure that we tested pain medication in advance so there would be no problems.

Hmm... What to do, what to do...

Third consultation

I met with the surgeon on Friday. He was by far the most informative dr, explained everything very well. Even drew the procedure on a model head so I could see exactly what he would do. He performs a SMAS short scar, and it sounds very similar to the Biltmore lift done in Ashville NC. Seriously, what he described is almost identical. Maybe these two PS studied together *lol*. Anyway, this PS does all his procedures under local, said 90% of patients have no issues, only a few were bothered by being 'awake' during the surgery.

Now for my decision: I do not want the SMAS or MACS. I only want the neck lift. My face is holding up pretty well. As all three surgeons have said, I have great cheekbones and facial structure. That being said, I don't feel I would benefit from a lot of work on my mid face. So how about just getting rid of that droopy skin? I would be happy with that. I'm 56, I expect to get older and look older, it's just the bands and skin on my neck.

I am holding out until I can find a PS who will do what I want, and not sell me on brow lift/bleph/SMAS and all that stuff. I want it to be like the GotJunk commercial...just point at what you want gone and they take it away.

We'll see ;)
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