Fraxel - Hyperpigmentation Came Back

I almost cancelled my appt. due to all of the...

I almost cancelled my appt. due to all of the horror stories and pictures on the internet. And I am so glad I did not cancel! They put a numbing cream on my face and it had to sit for an hour. They also gave me 1/2 of a pain pill. The pain is not so bad, if you are good and numb.

Towards the end I was like ok ok I can kinda feel that now. They had a chilling type instrument that I could hold and blow the cool air anywhere on my face whenever I wanted.

I did this on a Friday. Saturday I was swollen and red. By Sunday my skin was really dry and peeling, and still swollen. I found that Cetaphil moisturizing cream works better than what they may give you at your Dr. office. It's Monday and I'm still swollen and red and I can already tell that my rosacea, broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, is no longer there.

Update...and it ALL came back.  And then...

Update...and it ALL came back.  And then some.  I have hyperpigmentation that was never there before.  I also ended up having to go to a dermatologist because of the endless acne that followed.  I tried Fraxel thinking that it would end my worries and I would not have to continue to get IPL treatments.  I have gone back to getting regular IPL treatments.  IPL worked best for broken capillaries and hyperpigmentation. I really feel the fraxel was a waste of money.

Of course, everyone responds to procedures differently.

The Wall Center (Twyla)

They put you at complete ease. They explained every step of the procedure and anything and everything that I may experience. This was a holiday weekend and I was urged to call (they wrote down all of their cell phone #'s) if I had ANY questions or problems.

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