Fraxel Treatments Are Great for MINOR Skin Imperfections - It is Not Aggressive Enough for Major Skin Repair

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History:  I am 5'6", 120lb...

History:  I am 5'6", 120lb.  I have trained horses all my life and suffered tons of sun exposure as a job hazard.  I have hated my turkey neck for two decades.

Approx 4 weeks ago I went to a La Jolla doctor for  consultation to have a necklift, short scar facelift and also breast augmentation.  The doctor, whom I would recommend to anyone who asks, is fabulous.  He said I did not have enough of a problem for a necklift and suggested Fraxel laser with his colleague listed above (same suite of offices).   I have had many other treatements which were all disappointing, particulary the phony Thermage Laser.

So, I have had Fraxel on my neck, chest and crowsfeet twice since mid-May.  The results are amazing.  I have had visible tightening on the neck already  - my chest has shown less improvement because it had less damage.  Although, the Fraxel got rid of some small raised skin tags - free side benefit. 

I had no pain since the doctor numbs me for an hour before starting treatment.  Anyone having this should have 23% lidocaine applied to the area for an hour pre-treatment.  Also, if you have a ride the doc can give a mild oral sedative to help with anxiety.  I drive myself to and from the doc without any problem.   Also, have the doc use blue die so they treat all areas evenly.  My doc recommended Botox with the first treatment of my crowsfeet to aid with smoothing the skin - it looks great.

I usually have the treatment around 10a.m. remain pink and puffy until around 5 p.m.  I look as though I got pink at the beach - it is not red , sore or blistered.  No one can tell I have had it done they just comment that I look more youthful.  I did not peel visibly with either session so far and never turned brown like I have with other peels.

I did have the facelift and boobs 4 weeks ago - the overhaul has been a great self-esteem builder.  I will add photos when it is all done. 

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