Please Have the Doctor Perform the Fraxel Treatment and Not an Aesthetician!

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I have mild acne scars and a few sun spots that...

I have mild acne scars and a few sun spots that were bothering me. I went to a plastic surgeon to see what my options were. The aesthetician recommended that I get a series of Fraxel done. Falling for her sales pitch, I agreed.

I've had two Fraxel Re:Pair treatment done a month apart and there has been no changes whatsoever! Don't believe it when they tell you that there is no down time. You swell up like a balloon for 3-4 days and stay red like a lobster for 7-10 days. This form of laser is said to be good on all skin types.

I'm asian with very fair skin, and my aesthetician only performed my treatments on the lowest setting for fear that if she goes any higher it will cause discoloration. I mean at least penetrate my skin at 20%, but no, lowest setting possible. Waste of time, money, and everything else. Have a doctor perform your treatments. They will have a better course of action for you.

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