Residual Swelling

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I had two treatments with the fraxel laser to...

I had two treatments with the fraxel laser to treat mild skin issues: uneven skin tone, sun spots. I had my last treatment five weeks ago, and though my skin tone is great, my eyes are still swollen. I have a line of puffy-ness below my eyes which results in dark circles under my eyes causing me to look like I did not get a good night of sleep. I saw my dermatologist two weeks ago, and she said that she saw nothing abnormal, classifying it as residual swelling. She recommended that I resume placing ice packs on my eyes for 10 mins./day. However,it is not getting any better. I am wondering if I have traded uneven skin for permanantly puffy eyes! I know that this is not a message board, but if anyone has had a similar experience, I would love some feedback so I will at least know whether I am dealing with temporary or permanent side-effects.
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