Fraxel Repair Didn't Help Sun Spots, Red Spots, Fine Lines

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Hello,on aug 10 i had fraxel is aug 16th...

hello,on aug 10 i had fraxel is aug 16th. severe peeling /edema/redness/pain.nothing has improved save my skin has stopped peeling. some edema gone.

i had it done for sunspots/redspots/finelines. i was told by my plastic surgeon all these will be GONE for very fine. all are still there. my face looks same other than fresher. all lines,etc still there.

i know with the restore it takes time but was told with the repair once healed,about 7 days no lines/spots etc. please can you shed some information? i still cannot sit in a bright room made light by artificial light! i sit in semi dark. all burns so badly still. had face/neck don. thankyou so much
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i'm not yet sure if worth it. i was told with repair result for my concerns be immediate and no improvement. unless delayed, i am not happy with it. very concerned with damage from it though.

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