Fraxel Laser for Acne Scars

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I have the worst acne ever,(cystic acne) is the...

I have the worst acne ever,(cystic acne) is the one that leave the deep indents scars on the face. I have my face almost disfigured. I had deep and shallow acne scars on my skin on my cheecks, besides my big pores. My face looked like a map.

I met a surgeon that was referred to me and he combines three procedure to improve the acne scars. First he did fat transfer (for the deep scars), then he did subcision; He saved my face. I looked much better, and I can tell my deep scars are gone.

Still my surface needs to get smoother but I'm happy. I never thought there is improvement for the severity of my acne scars. I just had recently my second fraxel. Fraxel made my skin smoother, but depends who does it. I feel it depends on how many times the machine is pass on the skin and the postsurgery care. I believe the skin needs to be nourish for at least one week...because It's a laser.

The first surgeon did it to me in NJ...he did a good job, but the cream wasn't good enough...I believe the dryness left my skin with some weirds lines for few months.

I'm trying to keep my skin very moist with the fraxel I just have three days ago to see better results; I don't care about little pimples they're not as bad as cysts.

Providence Oculoplastic Surgeon

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