So Disappointing...and my Expectations Were Well Within Reasonable

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Pros - none yet Cons - $800, tedious 5-7 step...

Pros - none yet Cons - $800, tedious 5-7 step daily skin preparation system (it's ongoing post-procedure as well), no noticable improvement ANYWHERE on my face. I began to wonder if they really did use the laser at all, but, of course they did, because my face and neck were peeling off like crispy bacon for a week! I was told that i would only need one treatment because my concerns were not that "bad". This was a relief to my wallet and any further necessity to take time off work for something so silly as my vanity :) My biggest area of concern was the creping under/around my eyes and the "11s" near the bridge of my nose. I went in for a 1 month and 3 month check up and the super-duper hi-tech photo equipment CLEARLY showed absolutely no change in any of my skin concerns (even the tech agreed). It was at this time that i was told: 1) Full results are seen after 6 months (ok, whatever) and 2) I will need more treatments. No thank you! Instead, i will flush my money directly down the toilet myself. Going into this, i only expected a nominal improvement in very "new" signs of aging. Now, after no improvement whatsoever, i feel like a knucklehead for wasting my money.

DOT laser

Their offices are pretty on the outside, as are their consult area, but the actual procedural rooms are old, dirty looking (stained ceiling tiles, small rips in procedure chair), tiny and quite antiquated.

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