Procedure Not Too Painful

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I just had this done a little over an hour ago,...

I just had this done a little over an hour ago, and the burning is already gone. I will admit the burning after the procedure hurts for a while, but I had the air conditioning in the car blowing on my face, and it was fine. The procedure itself is only moderately uncomfortable, and it is over rather quickly, so no big deal. The forehead/temples is the worst, so once those are done, the rest is a piece of cake. So figure 5 minutes of being uncomfortable, and you're done. I will post later, after the rest of the treatments, how I like it. But if you are considering getting it done, but are reading about the pain factor, it isn't bad. So I spent 2800 dollars for four treatments, and my doctor is great. She threw in free laser hair removal, also a great thing.
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