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I'm almost 35 yo and I am frequently told that I...

I'm almost 35 yo and I am frequently told that I look like in my mid-20s. I don't have wrinkles or saggy skin but I did notice three mild acne scars on my R cheek and enlarging pores so I opted to research Fraxel restore. I had read most of the reviews on this website and I seemed to linger on the poor experiences more than the positive ones. Thankfully, my family's positive experiences with fraxel trumped those sad stories that I read here. My mother had Fraxel repair and looks phenomenal now 2 yrs later. My cousin had faxel restore 3 yrs ago and her skin is still glowing. So I went for it. I'm relieved to share my very positive experience here. I had my fraxel restore (30/7/8 passes) today around 3pm. I had triple anesthetic ointment for about an hour. The MD explained the procedure and we were off! The pain was 2-3 out of 10 at most. The facial swelling was immediate. My face felt like I had a sun burn but not a bad one. That sensation lasted about an hour. My face is only mildly red with a coarse, sandpaper feel to it. I could see major improvement in the texture of my skin. Furthermore, my pores are now small and the acne scars are almost invisible. Of course, part of it is the swelling; still, I am soo glad that I finally did this. The MD told me that I'd be red for 2 days and swollen for like 3 days. She didn't think that I would even peal. My major recommendation is to choose a very reputable MD who does the procedure themselves.
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