EXCELLENT After 6 Days - Re:pair Requires Only ONE Treatment

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Excellent results so far - day 6. I had the...

Excellent results so far - day 6. I had the newest generation of Fraxel laser called Fraxel re:pair.

This IS is different form the most recent fraxel laser. re:apir is just ONE treatment vs 4-6 of the other. re:pair IS FDA approved to treat wrinkles and tighten loose skin. Anticipated results are said to take approx 5 years off your skin. The results are permenent.
The improvement continues for approx 6-9 months after the procedure.

You must make sure an experienced Plastic Surgeon does this procedure, not an RN or tech.

Everything that was described to me to expect did happen - so there were no surprises. I had both my face and neck done.

I received topical pain medicine prior, as well as numerous injections around my face to numb it. It was slightly uncomfortable but tolerable. Only one spot was a bit painful for maybe 3 seconds - perhaps an area not throughly numbed.

I was told I would look very bad for 1-2 days afterwards and I was even shown pictures. YES - I looked just like the picture - it did not hurt and I expected it so it did not bother me. I looked like a very bad burn victim.

I did the vinegar washes faithfully and the vasaline coverage. Days 3-5 my skin peeled. Underneath was beautiful, smooth, pink new skin. The lines around my eyes are gone - the lose skin under and above my eyes are tight and smooth.

The furrows in my forehead are softer. the deep lines around my mouth are still there but much softer.

I went to the "bare mineral" store and they told me to get a yellow based product to reduce the redness and it works. I will return back to work after 6 days.

You must stay out of the sun for months during healing and wear a good sunscreen with UVA protection.

So far - I am excited about the success and I am glad I did it.

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