Fraxel Laser to Complete Face - Philadelphia, PA

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I had this done by a certified cosmetic surgeon. I...

I had this done by a certified cosmetic surgeon. I was given a cream to apply daily to my face one week before the surgery. the day of procedure, I was given a topic ointment to put on my face to numb the face. That was left on on for about 15 minutes. then the doctor gave me 6 shots called a face blocker. two in forehead, two around mouth area and two in chin. I sat there for about 20 minutes. I was then taken to the operating room, where the laser fraxel was used on my entire face. I felt the pain. It was like someone was putting a match to my skin. It also smelled very rotten. (burning flesh).

Afterward I was told to sit up. My face was on fire. I was given to ice packs to keep on my face and two topical ointments (over the counter) to apply alternateing. It is now 4 days since my procedure. I have a red blotchy face, that is scaly and itchy. I was told that it should be much better in two weeks and that over time I will see improvement. (That is to be determined). Knowing what I know now, I am not quite sure I would subject myself to this again. They say time heals, maybe if the improvement is dramatic, I will think it was worth it. I hope this helps anyone considering it.

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The physician doing this was doing his job, but the pain endured was not expected or warned to me. The physician is an excellent one.

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