Fraxel First Treatment Review

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Just had first fraxel four days's my...

Just had first fraxel four days's my scoop.

The doctor covered my face with a freezing jel..I waited an hour and then had the treatment. Pain wasn't half as bad as I expected by reading reviews here. I'd say about 4/10. Some areas were more sensitive than others, and the closer she got to the hairline the more it hurt. I had fraxel re-store. Apparently re-pair is much more painful as per my doctor. Make sure you ask which you are having. I took two extra strength tylenol one hour before going and I think this helped..

Now, as for the down's at least two to three days. I was terribly swollen the first two days, and looked really eyes were almost swollen shut that first morning I woke up. Now my skin is really itchy and peeling. All these things I was told to expect. There were no surprises. I have purchased a package of five. Will let you know how number two goes in three weeks. Good luck!


My doctor was amazing. I liked her straightforward responses, and everything she said, happend.

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