35 Yo in Germany - Rough Beginnings

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Hello there, I've had some moderate success with...

Hello there,

I've had some moderate success with dieting but my weight kept creeping up after moving to Germany... difficult to keep a proper diet here, with a bakery on every corner.

I read the info on-line and decided to go for Orbera, since I needed some extra help and wasn't ready for anything more drastic at BMI of 36. The prices here are much lower - total balloon package was 2.500 EUR, just under 2.800 USD. The procedure went fine although I got pretty cold during it - got chills and fever when I got home but it disappeared pretty quickly.

However, I haven't been able to hold anything down for the last 48h. Very miserable. Nausea meds not helping. Forget yogurt, tea, water... but thanks to reading up on here, I have had some success in the last couple hours with powerade/water mix. Wish me luck, I'm already feeling pretty dehydrated. If I throw this up, I'll go to the ER for some IV saline.

Thanks! I will keep updating.

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