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Hello, Just over two months ago I had...


Just over two months ago I had traditional circumferential thigh, hips and knees liposuction and quite a lot of fat was removed (5.8 ltrs of fat). However my thighs still look big especially when I sit down and if I touch them they feels hard in some areas and it's slightly painfull. When I walk, it looks like I've got something sticking out of my right thigh and I fear that the saddlebags which I had might be still there. I have lost quite a lot of weight after the procedure and my clothes feel loose but I want the tops my thighs to be straight.

My surgeon told me that it was too early to make a judgement but I do hope that my shape will continue to change as I don't want to remain pear shaped and this is why I had liposuction.

Dr Ktorza

He is a professional cosmetic surgeon and not a backstreet butcher

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