Symetry of Eyes - France, FR

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I had my surgery done in paris. One eye is bigger...

I had my surgery done in paris. One eye is bigger than the other after eight days post op. i am freaking out cuz iwanted to look natural now i feel unatural...
I still am experiencing sweling so its hard to tell if the uneveness will be less obvious. I dont think this surgery is worth the phycological trauma of waiting to see if eyes will turn up ok... I am 37 and i wanted a younger look cuz i had excess skin.

Eye irritation

hi its day 12. Of post op, I am feeling good about my eyes aside from swelling but I am still experiencing itchy eyes sometimes a pointy needle like feeling in the corner of my eyes. Because of this I am not wearing make as I feel this aggravates the eyes further... Anyone expereincing similar symptoms this far out.

Incision lines

day 12 incision lines. Seems to be healing well.


All is well. Today after swelling went down my eyes looked even. Thank heaven.

Photo of eyes 2 1/2 weeks post op

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