Fractional Laser Resurfacing: Was Worth It for Me

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I had fractional laser treatments too as opposed...

I had fractional laser treatments too as opposed to a Fraxel laser. I am really fortunate to have a centre barely 5mins away from me and also run by a certified Doctor. The pitted acne scaring I've had for years and recurrent acne problems that keeps aggravating the situation forced me to research online for a solution. Reading all the various reviews and experiences were very helpful and a chance walk-in to this centre helped me make the decision.

The Doc was very cautious and downplayed the results and hence my expectations, made a test patch to check my reaction as I have darker complexion which tends towards hyperpigmentation. For the 1st session, I had a topical cream left for an hour and the pain for me was mild...I've had 2 kids and I know what is pain and this was nothing. I had the discomfort that follows the treatment and I confess that I am lazy to ice or cool my face as much as I should right after treatment as that has a direct impact on your recovery time.

I've had 4 treatments since, the last one in Oct '07 and yes there has been a difference. All my life I've worn heavy cream foundation to give me the coverage I need.

For the last 3 months, I've switched to powdered version, a fraction of what I'm used to. I no longer go to bed with acne treatment cream over my breakouts. Happens on occasion when I'm stressed at work but the best part, they heal without scarring! Pores are still there but no longer look like someone can fall into it! No, I dont look years younger but I'm finally happy with my face and not afraid to look at people.

Thanks for reading this long review but I will end with this advice.

1. Find a treatement centre with a qualified/certified practitioner/doctor running it.

2. Be prepared for pain and if it doesnt bother you like me consider yourself lucky.

3. Manage your expectations and my Doc helped me with that. But I do know that you see the best results at least a month or 2 after the treatment...I call it my honeymoon phase, as the skin feels and looks fabulous. Hence I spread my treatments out as I want to enjoy this phase as much as I can.

Hope this has helped someone.

Afterglow Skin Care centre

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