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I am 40yrs light complexion with years of sun...

I am 40yrs light complexion with years of sun damage, my complexion was pretty even, but I had some texture issues and enlarged pores. I had an aggressive Affirm fractional co2 treatment(sedated) about 7 weeks ago. presently I have alot of new hyperpigmented/hypo splotches and pink lines running lengthwise on my cheeks and forehead from overlap. My doctor has had alot of experience and this is his area of expertise.

As of now my complexion looks worse than it did 10 days after the procedure. I have tiny lines that I did not have before the treatment, around my eyes, on my cheeks, chin and neck. The texture looks 5 to 10 years older than it did before. Where they feathered half way down my neck, the area not lasered looks healthier and younger. I also noticed a print of a burn mark that I had as a teen that was completely healed and invisable to the eye for at least 15 years, I was very surprised that this procedure would cause this to become visable again.

I want to believe that damage deep under the skin has been driven to the surface so that it will eventually flake off. I just hope that I didn't invest in this process time and money to get new complexion problems and have to live avoiding any sun exposure for fear of a unnatural reaction. I still see the dot pattern in the texture and at this point I regret choosing this procedure, but hope that months down the line I'll be glad I did.....

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