41 No Kids Flanks Upper N Lower Abs N Back - Foster City, CA

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Hi I'm getting ready to have this smart lipo...

Hi I'm getting ready to have this smart lipo contouring done with one if the best sf Bay Area docs around. I'm 5'7" 116 lbs can't wait to tackle my problem areas. Will take before pix as I get closer to procedure. Kinda scared of swelling and recovery. As well as skin tightening . Will keep you updated

Smart lipo

5'7 116 pounds
Getting ready ....

Abs flanks and back !! 2 week count down

2 week prior front view

Scared about swelling and elasticity.


Smart lipo candidate please advise if will be painful

Hi wondering if flank abs and back smart lipo is advisable. Worried about elasticity. Please advise if recovery will be painful.

Went in for pre op !!

Dr Beck is awesome. We had phone conference and he was very reassuring. I went in for pre op will be having blood work this week. Had pix taken very very awkward But I'm looking forward to an awesome contouring !!!

Did flanks and back yesterday at 2 ish

Hi. So here is my experience. First I want to say I am absolutely pleased with my PS and his MA Melissa. They were comforting and made the experience as pleasant as possible. The actual numbing for me including the tumrscent fluid was absolutely painful. It felt like long lasting pinching and I freaked out because I thought we would need to stop the procedure. This is with 2 halcion and 1 Percocet. Once that part was over the laser and suctioning was tolerable . I was done by 430 . I did leak last night for a bit but not as much as I thought. My garment is pretty comfortable and has a little cut to allow me to use rest room. So not bad. I woke up at 6 am with some pain but 1 Percocet fixed me right up. It's been 5 hrs since my last Percocet and I feel fine. A little achy on my upper back and sides. But I can roll over and get up without assistance.
So tomorrow I get my abs upper and lower done. I hope it's not as painful , and I should have prefaced this comment by saying I was on my 3 rd day menses. This makes my back hurt anyway so I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do c my pain level yesterday. All in all not too bad. I'll let you guys know how I feel this evening and of course how my tummy goes .
One more thing my waist looks smaller and I look curvier. I am a bit swollen and I'm sure I have foam under here . Pix to follow once I shower.

Love love love it

My waist look tiny. I'm a bit it swollen at the sides but I'm sure it's going to look awesome once my abs are done.
Yes flanks m back were painful. The worst was the tumescent liquid. After that it was tolerable.

72 hrs post ab smartlipo

Hi so I'm 5 days post back n flanjs and 3 days post abs. I showered and washed my hair today and it was tuff . Putting the garment and foam back on was intense. Granted I took a long shower but I'm beat ! Looking pretty swollen definitely curvy but freaking swollen. Bromilein and arnica are helping c bruising but I look pretty puffy. :(

Still swollen 4 days post

Ok so most of you looked awesome day 1. I am wearing this foam and garment and although my flanks and back look smooth my abs are swollen and look only a little less than pre op. Im getting
a bit concerned.

Doing great 5 days post

So I'm 7 days post flanks n back and 5 days post abs.
My abs are fine very little discomfort but my flanks still hurt. Today I worked from home 6 hrs at computer and was pretty tired afterwards . I have a class this weekend so I'm getting back in the grove . Swelling is still there but it's looking better :)

8 days post flanks 6 days post abs

Soo today I'm in less pain but still swollen. I still I lil tired after tasks and have my first post op tomorrow.


I like the flanks but I'm swollen like a sausage.

Post op went well new add on compression garment doing the trick !!!

Hi there so I am 9 days post tummy and 11 days post flanks and back. My back side is awesome !! Beautiful cinched waist makes me curvy. But my tummy is swollen. My post op was Friday and my ps used a syringe to try to aspirate fluid. Nothing came out. This is good so it's just generalized swelling. I was advised to use an assets type garment over my current post surgical garment. Now I've had 2 days of classes sat n Sunday and let me tell u that garment did wonders. Except I ate a littke thai food and the sodium swelled me up again :(
No eating out for me this month

Slowly buy surely

Hi. Definitely seeing results 2 weeks out.

Crunches ?

Hi. So I'm experiencing the swell hell itching on my 3 rd week post. So long as I avoid salt swkibg appears tolerable .
When dud you guys start crunches ?
I'll post pix later in today.

4 weeks !!

Hi do I read here that contouring by week 4 is 50% of what to expect. At month 2 another 25 % and the last 25% at 3 month
Can't wait !!
The first 2 are pre op. The last was 2 days ago !!

7 weeks tomorrow

Sooo it's been a journey. Swelling still happens but today it looks pretty good. All in all worth it and I'm only half way there !!

2 days shy of 2 months

Love it. Still get swollen but love my shape !

15 weeks

Doing great. Size 0.
Love my PS. I just hope I can get done an muscle definition by next month'd beach run.

15 weeks

Not sure if this uploaded. Going great. Size 0. I think I gained 2 pounds. 5'7 115lbs. Size 0
Need to work on an muscles now

loving my body

hi there just wanted to update . so far I am very very pleased with my outcome .
I still wear the waist cincher as I feel it helps smooth out my waist but only intermittently now ( one day yes, one day no) .
still weighing in at 113-114 and love my shape.
I am really pleased with Dr. Beck. He truly is amazing
pictures to follow .

Waist cincher

Ok I just ordered this I amazon. I think for 49 dollars problem is it's too big. I must have shrunk a bit.
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

So far very pleased with his mannerism and his staff. His reviews seem awesome. Will find out soon !

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