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Hi all, I'm 29 asian petite 5'1 and 110 pounds....

Hi all, I'm 29 asian petite 5'1 and 110 pounds. After losing weight from pregnant I got saggy skin on my tummy. I have researched a studied how tummy tuck done and finally I made decision. I went to consulation with Dr Beck at Foster City. He is very professional and gave me all clearly answers that I asked. I felt so comfortable over there with him and his staff. I can't wait to see my new body in bikini for summer coming up.

I'm so excited to see new me.

Hi ladies. 11 more days till my pre-op appointment. I'm more excited than nervous. I have dreamed about wearing bikini confidence at the beach and pool. Also I dream to wear crop tops and body dresses whenever I wanted. My dream about to come true. :D

2 more weeks till surgery day.

Hi all, I went to pre-op appointment yesterday. I can't wait to get my body done. Dr's office give me lots of medications for pre and post. I'm feeling in good hands.

1 week left.

Next Wednesday is my surgery day. I got everything ready for my recovering at home. I'm very excited for future with my new body.

3 more days

Hi realself, I have had urinary problem since yesterday. It got me feel like go to bathroom right after I just finished it. So I'm drinking lots of cranberry juice but it's still discomfort. I hope it will go away soon because I can't take any medicine :( I don't want to reschedule my procedure day. I've been waiting for this day for years.

1 more day

I'm so nervous and excited now. I don't have good appetizer from the feeling today. I'm praying to God help me going through the procedure and healing well.

Finally big day has come.

Got my shower and ready to go.

I made it through

I'm so excited to see my new body!! But now, I'm so tight from the implants and sore throat. I will update pictures as soon as I can.

Feeling the pain

I came home on Thursday morning, thanks God, my fiancé such a helpful person. He takes good care of me and kids. Thursday night was a nightmare. I feel pain like hell, then I got nause for whole night. Everytime I want to through up, my tummy burns so bad. I went up then lay back down every 30 minutes. I took pepto bismo to stop the throwing up. Finally I feel better today.

Finally sleep good

I slept good last night but swelling everywhere. My boobs are not feeling painful anymore, just sore. My tummy is bloated even I went to #2 two times yesterday. It's huge swelling, wonder when will it go back to normal ?!

Feel better

Feel so better today. I gotto sleep good last night. I can walk longer distance and little stange up. Thanks you so much to my fiancé, he has been helping me a lot. I can't healing that fast without him.

Feeling good today

I slep good last night again. I only took 1 pain medicine before bed and was all good. I woke up and get out of recliners chair by myself. Walk to table to have breakfast, i still have little nausea after couple spoons of food. But it's fine, I don't forse myself to eat. My breasts are still swelling but not too bad. My tummy looks huge from swelling today. It's still hurting on the drain hole. Otherwise I feel great.!

1 week

Went to post-op today and Everything went good. The nurse took off my drain, it wasn't hurt too bad but it feel burn on the wood. Hope in couple days I can stand straight.

Love my tummy.

Hi all, today is 2 weeks post. My tummy is no more pain but still a little tight. I can almost standing straight and I can lay flat on bed, get in and out easylly. I'm not worried about my tummy healing process too much. In the other hand, my breast are still firm and swelling. My left is more swelling and sore to touch than the right one. I can't tell they have dropped or haven't.

Went to 2 weeks post-op...

Went to 2 weeks post-op appointment today. Everything is normal. Doctor said I look great for 2 weeks post. Otherwise, I think I need to do liposuction on my love handles when the swelling gone. I have love handles before pregnant but couldn't tell because they were blended with my fat tummy. Now I got flat tummy then these flanks pop out. Ugh...I don't want to experience any surgery or pain anymore :(

I'm so happy with the results so far.

Today is 24 days post op. I'm happy so far, just wish my love handles gone away but I know I'm still in early recovery. My breasts are no longer feeling tight. They seem drop down little but still weird looking on their sides. No comment about my tummy, it heels good day by day.

It's been a month.

Hi ladies. It's already a month and 1 days since my mommy makeover procedure. I've been through different emotions and experience. Sometimes I feel like I satisfy with the result but sometimes I was like I need to do something more...Also, my swelling is off and on. Dr ok to letting me wear Spanx so I got one from Macys but seems like I get swelling more than I wear the binder. I think I'm going back with my binder :( to reduce swelling. It's fine on the morning then swelling on the end of the day. It's so frustrating to try some old jeans on and they are so tight due to binder so thick. I only wear lose clothes since then. I'm going to a friend's wedding next weekend and I can't find any nice dress that can cover my Spanx nor binder. Uhg!! I want to buy a new dress but I can't figure out what size I am.

4 weeks and 4 days post

Hi, last weekend I went out on St. Patrick's day. I had good time... I felt so confident in my dress . I didn't have to suck in my tummy on the time like I used to do lol. Also I wasn't wearing compression nor supported bra and I felt fine. Otherwise, i still have swelling on the end of the day which is I don't like.

Swelling or bloating

I have having this problem since 3 weeks post. I have reading about swelling after active day. But yesterday I didn't have much activity but on the rest of the day I still have this problem.

Still waiting for final result.

Hi all, I'm at 6 weeks now. Dr allowed me to take off binder for some hours of a day and sleep without it. I still feel weird when take it off though. Otherwise, my breasts are getting softer but I don't see them drop yet. I heard that texture implants don't drop much. Is it true? About my tummy, I feel there is a bump on top of my bb. Dr said it from the musle repair and it with go away with time. My tummy is getting softer on upper abdominal but below bb still firm. After I eating something and doing chores around I started swelling, and it's only on top of bb. Is anyone has same problem?

Swelling is going down

I have noticed swelling from tummy has gone down little last 2 days. I still wear binder as much as I can except night time. Also my boobs are still high. I just want they dropped in the positions. I have heard that go bra less could help them drop faster. Aren't they?

Nothing changed.

I'm 8 weeks today, there is nothing changed! Still wearing compression for keeping me comfortable. Breasts are softened but little high. I have reading from couple forums and they say my texture implants don't dropped much aren't they? I'm hoping they will soon.

9 weeks post

It's been 9 weeks since my surgery day. I have tried take off the binder and noticed swollen get worsen so I put it back on and wear it during day. Today I tried to go with out it and only put it on when I feel I really needed it and guess what!? It's swelling and very firm again... what a disappointed. I thought I can live my life without the swelling ! I'm so sick of the swelling...

Finally found good tummy support and comfortable garment.

I found a Spanx tank top from Target which resolved my swelling problem. No more swelling on top by the end of day. The top is very comfortable and good support for top of tummy.

3 months

I can't believe it's been 3 months since day that changed my life. I can fully workout now but dr no hard crunches yet due to muscle repaired. I'm so happy with my body, my curve has come back and I'm planning to do coolsculpting on my love handles when I reach 6 months post. I can't wait for summer time...

Try on new bra

So today I tried on VS Pink light push up bra size 32C and they seem small on my breasts. What do you girls think?
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