42 ~3 Kids over 9 Lbs, Breast Fed All of Them! - Fort Worth, TX

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Dr. Camp's office staff is amazing, they answered...

Dr. Camp's office staff is amazing, they answered a ton of questions on the phone before I even made an appointment. They have a beautiful office and my wait time wasn't long. Everything was kept very professional, he explained to me what I should expect during surgery and after. Even went so far as to tell me that having the surgery will effect me mentally and that's ok, everyone goes through it. Even though I'm a tad nervous about the pain afterwards, I'm really excited for my surgery.

3 weeks post op

So, I was 3 weeks post op Monday, I have to say I'm loving my results!! I still have a lot of bruising from the lipo on my flanks and that pretty much is all that's bothering me. Well, I do still get tired really easy and super crazy emotional, actually thought I was starting my period, but no, just emotional....swell hell has started, I see my Dr tomorrow and get my compression garment, I've been in a binder. Some of my tape on my incision has fallen off, and I have to say I can barely tell there's a scar! I hope it stays that way! Dr said the longer I left my tape on the better my results, so other than a half inch section, I haven't actually seen it. My belly button did get infected this weekend and looks disgusting, but have been assured this is pretty common and to use peroxide and neosporin. Couple of questions for all who have gone through this: 1. How long does the lipo bruising last and 2. How long do you have skin sensitivity? I will post lots of before and after pics in a few days... Just getting a handle on how this real self thing works lol... Till next time! Praying that all are healing nicely!
Dr. Camp

Dr. Camp made me feel very comfortable during our initial consultation. He didn't rush through, gave me extensive information and pictures. He made sure that all of my questions were answered, and was very professional in his assessment.

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