Mini Lift Wih Lipo of the Neck - Fort Worth, TX

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I am 59 and remained very young looking until 2...

I am 59 and remained very young looking until 2 years ago then my jowls starting sagging and the lump of hanging skin under my neck. Very nervous about upcoming Safelift with Dr Malouf in Ft Worth. Every time I look in the mirror all I see is the sagging neck. Hope to look refreshed after procedure. Anyone in here had Safelift with Dr Malouf.

Had procedure today

Will post updates. Had the Safelift with Dr Malouf this morning. Lots of pain and swelling right now. Procedure was a total of 2 hours. He was very gentle and kind as I was extremely nervous. His staff was excellent.

7 day post op

All I can says if Oh My Gosh. I actually look 10 years younger. Still swollen but I can hide that with y hair for now. Sides of neck bruised but Concealer helps with that. This has been an amazing experience for me and I am SOOOOOOOOO happy.
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